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Servicing a Printer is All about Proper Management

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Jul 08, 2019

Although it may sound naive at first, printer servicing is a specialist’s job because apart from plain servicing, there are many other areas that must be considered in it. Common printers like Lexmark and HP have a lot of components in them that must be properly identified in the first place. The most common areas of service involve rollers and that is why HP fusers and maintenance kits are so highly desired all across the spectrum wherever they are used. Apart from them, there are also many other parts that must be identified and kept in stock for proper servicing.

There are many service organizations and as well as companies that stock their own spares for printer service and for them having a detailed inventory plan is important. While making such a plan, some parts must be there at all times as these are known as critical spares. We take a look at them and some other aspects in the following sections.

  • Some critical spares are highly needed – In a printer, there are many components like Formatter Board, Optional Feeder, Fuser Assembly, DC Controller, Pad, Transfer Belt, Fixing Assembly, Firmware, Paper Tray, Pickup Assembly, etc. but some of these parts tend to fail more compared to others. Therefore, keeping such parts in the inventory at all times is very important and these parts are known as the critical spares. HP fusers and maintenance kits are also a part of this group.
  • The components can be procured easily – All printer spares can be procured easily as there are a number of suppliers available. However, the key point while procuring them is that their importance and probable life must be known so that only the needed items can be stored in inventory. Those spares that are supposed to go wrong sooner and without which the printer cannot work like the HP fusers and maintenance kits should always be kept in stock so that a crisis can be averted.
  • It is important to purchase from a trusted source – There are many companies that sell printer spares but only some of them can be trusted completely for the quality of spares that they deliver. Hence, while purchasing printer spares like HP fusers and maintenance kits, it is important to buy from a credible firm so that the best spares can be bought and one that can last for long. There are many dubious firms in this business that sell spares at cheap rates without any guarantee of quality. Spares from such companies should be avoided because apart from the spare part itself, it can be damaging for the whole unit.
  • Selecting with easy search – Spares like HP fusers and maintenance kits can be purchased from some companies through an easy search feature on the web. Selecting such a firm can be rewarding as all spares can be searched easily and ample confirmation of genuineness can be guaranteed by them. Moreover, a purchase can always stay pleasurable for a customer.

Thus, we can see here that servicing a printer is more about procuring the right spare and keeping a stock at all times so that a repair can be done smoothly.

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