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Kavach Hotspot Netowrk Security & Management Tool

Author: Mobishastra Tecnology
by Mobishastra Tecnology
Posted: Jul 17, 2019

Kavach after providing network security and management cloud based solution in UAE, Saudi Arabia and India.launched White Label solution for IT individuals and and SME companies dealing in Hardware and Network AMC.Now offer your existing clients a network hotpot security and management tool which is used and trusted and used by more then 8500 clients. Where Kavach can be used

Kavach Wifi Hotspot Secutrity for Hotels- The problem faced by hospitality industry is complaint of low internet speed which happen as and when some one is downloading torrents, Fear of any cyber crime happening using there internet and they have no mechanism to find out the culprit in case it happen as the internet is used by all clients, employees and in most of the cases neighbors and outside as they use a common password. Kavach provide a complete peace of mind solution against any misuse of internet provided by the hotel. Through Kavach WiFi Hotpot security internet no outsider can use internet, Hotel Clients are greeted by a professionally designed greeting page for the client which helps in branding of the hotel, Kavach WiFi Hotpot security save the mac id and user logs of all individuals which helps in finding the culprit easily in case of any misuse doing so we are following the international law set by majority of countries to provide internet. Kavach WiFi security also help hotels increase there room occupancy by sending automated sms with hotel brand name where different offers can be send automaticaly which bring attracts the client.

Kavach Hotspot Network Security & Management for Co work space- As the culture of Co Working Space is growing the most essential aspect to make co working space successful is to provide trouble free secured high speed internet to make it possible companies running co working space take multiple ISP with high internet speed but all this does not solve the issue they have like failure of ISP, Speed allotment to Each Individual and Data Security. We At kavach understand the challenges and developed features like notification by email for ISP failure, Collecting the logs of user which can email periodically, Securing Data and Managing speed of Internet for each Individual. In case any technical guidance regarding changes in network setting up a new network we are just a call away or you can drop a email and we can get back to you.

Kavach Hotspot Network Security & Enterprise Management Solution for Offices- With low profits and tough competitions in every field our back offices are our back bone no matter that work we are in to. Management of all offices are trying to increase work efficiency but the internet is identified as one one of the main reason of distraction which is happening because of social platform, E commerce websites,YouTube, torrent downloads and online screening of sports matches. Kavach is one window answer to all low efficiency in work related to misuses of internet. Kavach Hotspot for office block websites, block torrent download, block live streaming, secure your data, block YouTube and stop internet usage of outsider.

Kavach Hotspot Security & Management device for Library -When we think of Library we think of place where we can get book issued and sit there and read books but as time has changed so many things even library has changed with time now library is mostly used by students who are staying away from there houses and as they need a place to study they go to library where they get high speed internet so they can study online can have video classes can give online exams. Companies and Individuals running the business of library get multiple internet connection so the student get high internet speed and they can be regular client for library but the complaint of low internet speed remain the regular feature and students leave for other libraries for a hunt of high speed internet. One other major concern Owners of library has almost 7 to 10 ISP for only 100 users still problem remain same students complain the main reason can only be resolved if they have a organized network with professional AP and kavach installed then 100 users can easily be managed by 2 ISP. Kavach also helps in blocking torrent websites and keep record of mac id of users along with the user logs which is mandatory.

Kavach Wifi Hotspot Security for Paying Guests -With professional individuals and students to major town the paying guests accommodation is growing. when searching and finalizing a paying guest accommodation high internet speed plays major role. people change there PG when they dont get desired requirements and high speed internet is one of it. Pg where kavach is installed has the highest satisfied resident in term of internet speed and ease of usage.through kavach wifi hotspot security for pg provide different speeds according to the room rent they are paying. no need to have multiple ISP mange with 2 isp through Kavach hotpot security. Feel secured as you from any cyber crime if kavach wifi hotpot security is installed. Dont think just visit us and take a free trial for 2 days.

Kavach Wifi Hotspot turn your internet in marketing tool for Restaurants & Bars -for most of the restaurant providing free internet is just when client ask for it and thats why they dont promote or highlight that they are providing free wifi doing so they forget the basic that many restaurant does not have a good connectivity for mobile internet and the clients who love to post there pictures and update there visit on social platform that make them lose a huge potential of increasing there footfall from their existing client. but for few restaurants they highlight that they are providing free wifi as they understand that the customers are hesitate in asking for wifi password so they highligh free wifi as customer connect it greeting them with welcome page where no password is required ask for details and even offer something extra like a mocktain or a sweetdish to use there free wifi and those who do it are collecting valuable details from clients like feedback through dynamic survey pages and promoting new dishes and outlets they are opening and all this happens through Kavach. reach to us and get a free live demo

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