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The All new forensic keylogger

Author: Jack Conner
by Jack Conner
Posted: Jul 23, 2019
keylogger module

The KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module is an ultra-small USB keylogger module, only 0.5" (12 mm) in length and 0.6" (16 mm) in width. Extremely well disguised, it can be accessed as a USB flash drive for instant data retrieval.

1. KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module

Quick and easy installation inside a keyboard

  1. Smallest keylogger module on the market, only 0.5" (12 mm) long
  2. Compatible with all USB keyboards, including USB 3.0
  3. Sophisticated USB frame capture algorithm with 32X oversampling
  4. Doesn't drop keystrokes, compatible with all USB topologies
  5. 16 megabytes built-in memory, equivalent of years-worth of typing
  6. Switches to flash drive mode with a special key combination
  7. Accessible as a USB removable drive for instant data retrieval
  8. Memory protected with strong 128-bit encryption
  9. Easy to configure with a simple text file
  10. No Wi-Fi and wireless footprint, doesn't leave traces in network environment
  11. Works with barcode scanners, including fast keystroke generation modes
  12. No software, drivers or configuration required, works out of the box
  13. Support for multiple keyboard layouts

Quick installation:

The KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module is very easy to install inside any USB keyboard. Open the keyboard, connect power and the D+ and D- signals from both sides, and you're ready to go. The installation process can be completed in 15 minutes.


The KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module is 0.5" (12 mm) in length and 0.6" (16 mm) in width, making it easy to mount in literally any USB keyboard.


Passively monitoring a USB bus for keystrokes is a complex task, and the KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module does this better than any other solution on the market. The KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module implements a 32X waveform oversampling algorithm based on a sophisticated FPGA chip. This makes it a top-performer in terms of reliability, with a zero character drop-rate. It works with wireless keyboards (excluding some Bluetooth models), keyboard with integrated hubs, and all types of barcode scanners (including those with a fast keystroke generation speed).

Ease of use:

The KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module is as easy to use as all it's predecessors in the KeyGrabber family, being best-sellers since 2005. Accessing data requires pressing a predefined key-combination known only to the owner. The KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger Module has a few models varying by memory capacity, however even the entry-level 16 megabyte version is an equivalent of years of typing.

The Pro version:

The Pro version is a multi-role security and pen-testing device. It works as a keylogger, but can also be switched to keystroke generation mode. Operating as a HID device it can generate a text-menu, making access to memory and configuration options more convenient. Moreover, it can also run keystroke-injection scripts thanks to a keystroke parser based on a simple scripting language. This makes it a perfect penetration testing tool, combining the functionality of a hardware keylogger and HID injector in a single slick device.


Observe WWW, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees

Monitor employee productivity

Protect your child from on-line hazards and predators

Save a copy of typed text

...and several more, see keystroke recorder benefits

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About the Author

I am Jack, Working as a Marketing Manager at keelog which gives Usb keylogger and Keyloggers to monitor your employees, Children or any other person.

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