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Yahoo vs Gmail vs Outlook: main differences and advantages and disadvantages of all

Author: Contactyahoo Helpdesk
by Contactyahoo Helpdesk
Posted: Jul 29, 2019
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We have at our control a wide variety of options when it comes to email. But, if we talk about the most accessible you have to name Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook. In this article, we will tell you some advantage and disadvantage of the best email service, so you can do a comparison of these three e-mail providers. We will explain what the differences are, as well as the positive and negative points of each of the options.

Many users have different email accounts One for example for work issues and another for personal issues. However, sometimes it is interesting to explain things and have a single platform to save everything. Therefore, it is helpful to choose which one best suits our needs and to know the negative and positive points of each one.

Differences between Yahoo Gmail, and Outlook

Surely one of the differential aspects and that can mark the fact that a user uses an option in front of the others is space. There are differences here, although only Yahoo stands out against the opposite two. Both Outlook and Gmail offer 15 GB of storage. This capacity may be higher than enough for most, but it may fall small for others. Instead, Yahoo offers unlimited storage for everyone.

There are also differences in the size allotted to attach emails. In the case of Gmail, you have to differentiate between files we send and those we receive. In the primary case, it is limited to 25 MB and receives up to 50 MB. Outlook allows you to accept attachments of up to 20 MB and Yahoo, meanwhile, offer 25 MB.

All three are combined into a cloud storage platform. In the case of Gmail, it is linked to Google Drive, Outlook to One Drive and Yahoo with Dropbox. In this example, we leave you the differences between Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

Yahoo's Advantages and Disadvantages points

The first option is Yahoo. Unquestionably one of the most positive points mentioned above concerning storage. It is estimated a very quick and fast mail manager. Also, its anti-spam system is very correct apart from that you can get the best Yahoo Customer Service 24/7 at any time anywhere.

The negative is that it takes a lot of publicity if we use its free version. It also has fewer users than in the previous two options.

Gmail Advantages and Disadvantages points

It is a commonly used platform. It has many users. Among the positive points, we can consider that it has great integration with other Google products. It also offers an inbox full of uses and features that we can configure. It is recognized as one of the email servers that best stop spam.

Among the negative points, we can mention that privacy is sometimes not the most solid. We have lately seen that Google saves our purchases online thanks to Gmail.

Outlook Advantages and Disadvantages points

One of the real points is its alliance with Microsoft. We already know that it is the most used operating system on desktop computers. It also has integration with Skype, one of the eldest services to make video calls and Internet calls. Also, the system used to prevent spam and fraudulent e-mails is quite impressive.

Among the negative points, we can show that the design is not the best and does not have a wide range of possibilities in terms of functions.

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