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Best NYC suburbs for young couples

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Aug 07, 2019
nyc suburbs

If you want to be a part of the most populous city in the USA, where everything is possible, NYC is a place for you and your spouse. Living with your partner is a big deal, so choosing the best NYC suburbs for young couples is very important. Do you want to start a family in the future? It is also a factor you should consider when moving and looking for a new home in New York.

This amazing city has a lot to offer, but first, you need to know your priorities in life. Do you want a suburb with good schools that is safe for families and kids or you are looking for nightclubs and vibrant life? Before you make a decision, take a trip to New York and experience it, if you can. Have a good time, visit amenities, explore the city and maybe you will know where you belong.

But, before all that, we have some suggestions on what where to live. Visit all boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens) because each one is different and has a unique style and vibe.

Pros of living in NYC

Before you pick a neighborhood in NYC to move to, it would be useful to know why should you move to NYC and why should you start a new life there with your partner.

  • Everything is near or can be delivered to your apartment anytime (even at 4 am). Call an Uber and it will pick you up within five minutes.
  • You do not need a car when living in Big Apple. A subway system is excellent and cheaper than having a car.
  • You cannot be bored here. NYC has almost nine million residents and about 60 million tourists per year. So, people are everywhere, and something is always happening.
  • Not only will you find NYC suburbs for young couples, but you will also find places with the most delicious food from all around the world.
  • If you and your partner want a lot of career opportunities, NYC has plenty of them. Fashion, financing, modeling, dancing, marketing, acting, advertising, etc. Hire professional movers and find your dream job in New York. It is the center of opportunities.
Top NYC suburbs for young couples

If you and your wife/husband dream about a big life in a big city, then New York is probably the perfect place for you two. Here are some examples of NYC suburbs for young couples that you may choose from. Researching is a necessary step that you cannot escape. Make it fun, plan it together, and you will make you move faster and more stress-free. It is always easier when you have somebody to move with. Adjusting to living in NYC (or any other big city) is better when you are not alone.


If you want to start a family, Jericho is the suburb for you. Raising family here is amazing and what is most important - it is safe. Most residents here own a home (85 percent) and it has a very suburban feel. Median home value is $733,000 and rent is $2,000. Public school here are the best in Big Apple. NYC downtown is a bit far, but it is worth considering.

Great Neck Gardens

A suburb in Queens with an urban feel. The average home price is $893,000 (it is not an affordable suburb, but it definitely has a lot to offer). On the other hand, the average household income is high, about $195,000. Also, you will not be the only couple there. 80% of Great Neck Gardens residents are married.


Kensington is known for good schools and good nightlife, at the same time. It is a luxurious part of the Big Apple located in Brooklyn. Only six percent of resident rent a home in Kensington. It is one of the safest suburbs in NYC where you can relax and enjoy yourselves.


This the most affordable place on this list of NYC suburbs. Before you relocate to the Big Apple, you should know that the costs of living (especially housing) are not cheap. It is one of the most expensive cities, so the average home price of $628,000 is considered to be relatively affordable. Syosset is a nice neighborhood to live in as a young couple.


If you love The Bronx, then Greenville may be your future home. Located in Westchester County, this little suburb is offering many interesting items. There are a lot of young families there and it is a very charming part of NYC. Talk to your partner and visit Greenville before making the final decision.

Moving to NYC as a young couple

If you have found a perfect place for you, now is the time to book a move and transport your items. Find a reliable company and only pick the best. Get recommendations and ask for referrals. Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens can be a company you choose for your NYC relocation. Instead of packing and shipping moving boxes, you and your partner can together explore this city that never sleeps.

Settle on a few of NYC suburbs for young couples and choose the best for your brand-new life in a big city. Write down all the pros and cons of a neighborhood you have picked. Starting a new life is exciting and it should be fun. Big Apple has everything you might need.

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My name is Betty and I have been writing expert articles in relation to the moving industry for the last couple of years. Besides this specific area, I am also experienced in other spheres pertaining to the concept of relocation.

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