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What is astrology and how you can select the best Indian astrologer?

Author: Astrodoc Anil
by Astrodoc Anil
Posted: Aug 13, 2019

Astrology, this is a word which made a huge impact on every Indian Hindu and they have too much faith in it.

But what actually astrology is all about?

Let's talk about it, It is a pseudoscience that claims to give information about human recent activity and also give some prediction about their future by reading the movement and positions of different planets and celestial object, It has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and it has its roots since very long.

Astrology is done by astrologer and they are treated not less than a God, but there are so many astrologers in India, How to select the best Indian astrologer out of them all, This article is all about that.

The professional like doctors, lawyers and teachers should be selected wisely to make your life better, but if you are a Hindu, It is equally important for you to select the best Indian astrologer to solve your problems.

So, we are here to discuss about how you can choose the best Indian astrologer, I am sure by reading this article you will get enough idea to choose the best astrologer for you.

I am going to tell you five important tips to choose the best astrologer for you.

  1. Check the experience of an astrologer first.

It is better to have a quick conversation with the astrologer before taking a full suite of consultation, If an astrologer is experienced, he will definitely try to understand your problem first before pushing his service then he/she is most likely to give you the best help and you shouldn't make a delay to select that astrologer for you because experience is the main thing to master in any profession and astrology is one of that.

  1. Words they are saying, Is all that true?

Astrologers are those persons who helps their customers by taking the right decisions in life by carefully reading their birth chart and horoscope, You would be able to find such a responsible astrologer through the referral from any of your relative or may be from a person who is a well-wisher because a person who truly cares about you will definitely refer some best astrologer, If your life is not going in right direction.

  1. Check whether your astrologer is creating fear or trying to make you strong

Avoid those astrologers who try to make fear in you by telling some rubbish prediction, a genuine astrologer will never make fear in you, he/she will always try to make all the things good by their prediction. A good astrologer should carefully read the subject horoscope and give solution to all the problems.

  1. Is there rate is too costly?

Charges of a good astrologer may be high sometimes, but it is not necessary that all those who charge high will always be good at the subject, because It is said that the service that is priced high often generates a greater perceived value and therefore can attract more buyers but you should always be careful and do some research about the astrologer before consulting them. Always be careful about the astrologers who charge a heavy amount for remedies.

  1. Taking your responsibility or not.

The main thing you should look in the astrologer is to look that the astrologer is taking all your responsibility or not because, you should first understand that astrology is not a quick fix tool or tool of escapism, astrology is a wonderful tool to understand your inherent strengths and weaknesses., Based on that if someone who take personal responsibility to improve upon your weaknesses then you will definitely get out of your problem and he will probably be the best astrologer for you.

So, these are the five main things you should know before selecting a best Indian astrologer for you.

That is where I am finishing my article and I hope I have given you enough idea to choose the best Indian astrologer for your all kinds of problems.

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The professional like doctors, lawyers and teachers should be selected wisely to make your life better, but if you are a Hindu, It is equally important for you to select the best Indian astrologer to solve your problems.

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