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What Communication Features Are Available in Call Center Software?

Author: Samir Doshi
by Samir Doshi
Posted: Aug 13, 2019

Call center solutions are one of the most successful VoIP solutions in the world. This solution has gone through various shifts and transformation. From a simple call center solution to an intelligent call center software, it has covered such a long journey. There are many companies that offer this system to benefit companies, call centers, KPOs and BPOs. Each provider offers different types of features. If you will notice carefully, every provider boasts about the advanced or never seen before features they offer in their call center software. Of course, it is a sensible decision to buy one of the best call center solutions, but what about the basic features? You just cannot ignore them. The core use of the call center solution is to serve communication needs. In this article, you will learn about the top 6 communication features available in all, including, intelligent call center software, but often not promoted well:

Call transfer allows transferring an ongoing call to any other agent or supervisor. This feature is usually used when the agent doesn’t have enough skills or knowledge to answer the query or concern of the caller. There are two types of call transfer available in the call center software: 1. Attended call transfer and 2. Blind call transfer.

Call forwarding allows forwarding a call when a predefined criterion is met. For example, in the intelligent call center software when a call routing rule is set to Sticky Agent and if the same agent is unavailable, the call gets forwarded to the assigned PRI phone number of the agent.

Call hold and retrieve is also one of the most used features in the call centers. When a customer raises any concern, often agents need to put the customer on hold while he checks for the related information. Once the agent comes up with an answer, he retrieves the call. One more feature gets used here is MoH (Music on Hold). When a customer is put on hold, he listens to some music. In intelligent call center software, there usually is a feature that allows customizing this music on hold.

Call queue is a queue of customer calls which are in waiting list. In any call center, there can be X number of agents. If the number of real time calls is increased compared to the total number of agents, then those calls are put in the call queue. The callers need to wait until the agent finishes his ongoing call and get into an available state to receive the next call. For example, if there are 6 agents and 6 calls are going on. Now, if two more customers call in, they will be put into the call queue.

Conference call is used in a situation when more than one agent or agent and supervisor need to have a conversation with the customer.

Whisper is one of the most beneficial features of call center solution. It allows the supervisor narrating an agent about how to respond to the customer in a live call without acknowledgment of the customer.

These are the top 6 communication related features available in the call center solutions.

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