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UI vs UX Design: Difference between User Interface and User Experience

Author: Delimp Technology
by Delimp Technology
Posted: Nov 04, 2019

Suppose you are discussing the conversion rate of your website and returns from it. No business can grow without proper planning and use of the technology at hand. All of a sudden experts start talking about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) as the two very important parts of website designing. The UI UX designing company always strives to maintain the balance between the two. It improves the visibility on the internet and attracts more customers to the site.

The UX designer looks for product function and feel. A UI designer is looking for visual design elements such as colors, layout, and typography. Being the best UI UX design company, we have developers who are experts in their work. When you are trying to understand the difference between the two, then remember UX is the process and UI is tangible. Knowing these differences help in proper planning of site development.

As a process in the web designing the UX Design is done first and then UI designing. A good UX makes it enjoyable to use the product and service. A good UI makes the journey easy and smooth for using the product and service.

Things that are kept into mind while designing UX are:

  1. Product Usefulness
  2. Product Usability
  3. Value Of The Product
  4. Accessibility
  5. Is The Product Desirable, etc.

UX designing is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction. It also helps to increase customer loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure while interacting with the product. The UX designer’s work comprises of following:

1. Strategy and Content

  • Competitor Analysis- Complete analysis of the various similar products in the market is done.
  • Customer Analysis- UX designing is all about the cognitive interaction of the customer and products. This step is very important to study the behavior of the customer towards already existing products in the market.
  • Product Structure- A complete strategy is made to design the product structure. As a top UI UX development company, we pay special focus to this step.
  • Content Development- The content strategy team works with the designing team to design a short descriptive product page. It was called to action in the end.

2. Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Wireframing- This step involves putting together content and functions on a page together. In this user needs and user, a journey is taken into account. UX designers use it to define the hierarchy of items on the screen and communication.
  • Prototyping- This is representing the initial level of product. It comprises of sketches, wireframes or mockups. It is a very good option to get early user feedback.
  • Testing/Iteration- The product designed is properly tested in a cycle to desirable results. Then based on that changes and refinements are done.
  1. Development Planning- At this stage complete development planning takes place. Also, things start to shape up.
  2. Execution and Analysis
  • Coordination with UI designers- The UX developers need to communicate with the UI designers regularly with put things together.
  • Coordination with developers- The web developers interact and coordinate with user experience designers for the proper development of the product.
  • Tracking Goals and Integration- Continuous tracking of goals takes place with proper integration of the process with testing.
  • Analysis and Iteration- At each level, proper analysis of the project development determines smooth flow and iteration when required.

The UI designing work comprises of following:

  1. Look and Feel
  • Customer Analysis- The user interface development starts with a proper understanding of customer habits and previous history. It gives a clear idea about the needs of the customer.
  • Design Research- The designers research more clarity into wireframes designs, interaction models, color types and prototypes. This helps to make the necessary tweaks to enhance the product.
  • Storyline- It is very useful for the designers serving as reminders of user goals and ways to organize how each screen is designed.
  • Branding and Graphic Development- This involves visual elements defining the brand like logo, typography and brand colors.

2. Responsiveness and Interactivity

  • UI Prototyping- Similar to UX design, UI Design involves the development of a prototype. Any good UI UX design agency will know its importance.
  • Adaptation To All Device Screen Sizes- The developer checks the proper adaptability of the webpage to all devices and screen sizes giving a dynamic look.
  • Interactivity and Animation- To improve the interactions further graphics and animation are added as per the needs of the client.

Conclusion- User interface and user experiences are very similar but very different from each other. Proper knowledge of these differences helps the UI UX design company to design a good site for the business. This brings more clients and sales.

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