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Juicer over Blender? 22 Essential Reasons

Author: John Plix
by John Plix
Posted: Oct 25, 2019
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A juicer is perhaps among the most commonly used kitchen tools today, especially by those who are health conscious. By definition, it is a tool used to squeeze out the juice from vegetables, fruits, and other extractable ingredients. Even though a blender works well with raw food because of its convenience and handiness, a juicer is much more advisable nowadays.

As you eat more raw food like fresh vegetables and fruits, you supply yourself with high levels of nutrients needed to sustain daily activities. Aside from providing strength and improving the body’s immune system, the intake of fresh juice is helpful for body cleansing. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why a juicer is more advantageous compared to a blender.

Why Choose Juicers Over Blenders?

  1. Juicers separate the juice extracts perfectly from the pulp, skin, and seeds.
  2. Juicers do not squeeze all the original content of the fruits and vegetables. They are kept in the solution; thus, purely extraction is done.
  3. Extracts made from a juicer are much easier to drink because it doesn’t contain bitter chopped pieces of skin, stalks, or seeds.
  4. It removes indigestible fibers; easier for the digestive system to break down the components and absorbs the nutrients since there are no longer indigestible and unnecessary plant or fruit parts.
  5. Juices provide sudden bursts of energy.
  6. Most types of juicers are generally more affordable than blenders.
  7. Non-electric juicers are also available which helps you save up on your electricity consumption.
  8. Juicers (reamers type) are very handy, which makes them suitable for camping.
  9. Juicers do not destroy very important nutrients and enzymes from the ingredients. On the other hand, blenders turn them into plain liquid.
  10. Most juicer models are easier to clean than blenders.
  11. Vegetables are better juiced than blended.
  12. Drinking vegetable or fruit juice is a great way to flush out toxins.
  13. Although smoothies also help in detoxification, it is mainly focused on the colon. Juices, on the other end, detoxify the body’s other systems.
  14. With the proper type of juicer, you can easily get juice from almost any produce.
  15. Higher bioavailability of nutrients.
  16. Great way to use leftover vegetables and fruits lying around your kitchen.
  17. You will have fun trying out endless variations since it’s so easy to do.
  18. It provides you with little or no satiety at all. This will help you increase your nutritional intake since it does not interfere with your appetite for proper meals.
  19. It’s much easier to bulk up on fruits and vegetables with the use of a juicer than a blender.
  20. Preparation of the necessary ingredients takes up only a little of your time.
  21. You can use more than one dark leafy green vegetable like kale in a juice without messing up the taste.
  22. You won’t have to buy additional ingredients to make your juice taste nice; unlike most smoothies which often needs additional flavoring.
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