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How to choose the right China Travel Agency

Author: Zoki Naumoski
by Zoki Naumoski
Posted: Nov 02, 2019
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How to choose the right China Travel Agency

Whenever you travel outside your country and from your permanent place of residence, it is advisable to do so through a travel agency. We always ask the same question: How to choose the best China travel agency or the best tour operator.

It is especially important to know how to choose a travel agency where there is a lot of competition, as in the case of China.

And it is also essential if you travel to China for the first time, and you usually want to go in the best order, and the travel agency will meet all your expectations, but also the offers that the travel agency will offer you for the trip.

If you travel to China for the first time you need to know a few significant things, such as China visa, when is the best time to visit China, and most important what you should visit.

When you plan your tour of China, in the first place, you need a China visa. It is not so easy to get a Chinese visa, but if you choose to travel by the China Travel Agency- the agents will arrange that for you.

If you travel China along, and you booked tickets by yourself or planning all trip, it is ok, but you must consider that that is not the cheapest way to travel China. These trips never go as planned, keep in mind that you will always have an unplanned expense.

The best way is to choose a Tour Agency and let the tour guide get it done for you while enjoying the journey and the beauties of China attractions.

What should you look when you are choosing a china travel agency?
  1. Visit their web site

The first thing you need to check is their website. See what it looks like, what travel tips and China tours they offer, what is the price of the trip, check if they have experienced tour guide and what you get for your money. Make sure the page has an update, or it may not work.

But the layout of the website is essential. Is it understandable enough what they offer. The excellent website need to be easy to use.

You need to check is there enough information about the China attractions and whether there is a contact where you can see their local address, phone number, and email.

If the Chinese travel agency devotes time to making a website, then be sure to pay attention and time to your clinicians.

Since you do not live in China, it's natural that you do not know the Mandarin language, choose that travel agency that has English as an option on their website.

  1. Legal Travel Agency

When you check their website, go to section About Us. All legal license should be there if the travel agency has one. When choosing a travel agent from China, choose it to be legal with all the necessary licenses and legal regulations.

  1. Reviews

Nowadays whatever we do or buy for we review reviews and testimonials.

A good China travel agency will not hide reviews from potential customers. On the contrary, they will be posted on their website.

Tip Plus: Read the reviews on other portals for the travel agency, read the reviews written on forums or third party websites.

The successful travel agency will not speak on its behalf for the success achieved. It leaves it to those who have experience with them.

Check the travel agency Social media. Read what the previous costumers have said about their experience.

  1. Payment method

Payment is what matters most. Make sure payment is secure and how to make the most effort to pay. If a travel agency offers to pay only through Western Union, you know that that agency is a cheat. Do not get on those traps be smart and ask if you can pay in the way you can follow the transaction.

  1. China Visa

A China visa is required for most foreign nationals wishing to enter China. Some of the cities and regions are without a visa regime, but only in certain circumstances.

As I mentioned prematurely, it's tricky to get a Chinese visa.

I do not recommend that you apply for a visa, pay and let the Chinese travel agency do it for you.

A good travel agent from China will offer you the whole procedure to make it for you.

The visa you need to get is called L visa and is intended for tourists.

  1. Travel Insurance

When you are choosing the right China travel agency, pay attention to whether they will offer you travel insurance. Usually, all travel agencies provide but keep in mind what insurance offer you.

Travel insurance should include:

  • Medical Expenses including Dental
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption or delay
  • Baggage Delay or lost
  • Car Rental Collision
  • Accidental Death
  • Unlimited Worldwide Travel Assistance
  1. Versatile offer

A good travel agency will have an excellent range of offers throughout China, for travelers to have more choices.

When choosing a Chinese travel agency, choose the one with the most flexible and the most offers.

  1. Airport transfer

Wherever you go for the first time, it can be a bit confusing when you land on foreign land. This also means if you visit China for the first time.

The right China travel agency will arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel, on the one hand not to wander through the big cities like Hong Kong, Xi,An Shanghai, Guilin and crowds, and on the other side not to sit on false taxi drivers and pay much more money than necessary.

  1. Available and friendly China Travel Agency

The right travel agency will always be there when you need travel advice or information about it.

If the agency has enough experience with working with foreign customers, it will know which information you need most to tell you. That travel agency that does not know enough information about the China tourism that it offers or will not tell you the necessary travel information, believe that it is not a good agency that you can trust.

Even if you want to learn more about the place where you are traveling, a good travel guide should be available at any time for additional information.

  1. Booking a hotel

Depending on which part of China you are visiting, there are hotels with different prices, as anywhere in the world.

Currently, there are about 50,000 hotels in China.

You will surely hesitate to choose which one you want to pick. The real travel agent from China knows better the hotels than you. But surely there is a contract for working with many of them.

Check which hotels are offered by the Travel Agency, this is just as important as the offer of landmarks and thing to do in China.

Final words:

Do not rush to decide on the real Chinese travel agency, take the time, explore and then decide and choose carefully and wisely.

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Author Bio: Helen Wang' from : I started my travel career in 2005. It not only enriched my knowledge of tourism, but also inspired in me a love for traveling.

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