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Real estate market in Clermont Florida

Author: Beni Restea
by Beni Restea
Posted: Jul 13, 2020

If you’re in the market for real estate, chances are you’ve heard of Clermont. A quiet, sunny little town in south central Florida on the outskirts of Orlando, the little town might initially seem underwhelming. However, upon a quick re-evaluation, this little Florida paradise has a bit more to offer than may initially seem apparent.

If you’ve looked at the Clermont real estate market recently, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Housing values in Clermont are soaring, and are predicted to rise even more. But what exactly is driving this real estate boom? Is it a good idea to buy now? Let’s find out!

What is driving the real estate boom in Clermont FL?

The city of Clermont has always been a magnet for snowbirds. With laid back, leisurely communities and large variety of amenities and attractions, it really is the perfect retirement destination. But in recent years, Clermont’s real estate market has opened itself to new target demographics with the large ingress of vacation goers and the accompanying job boom drawing workers and business people.

This real estate boom can also be attributed in part to Clermont’s proximity to its larger neighbor, Orlando FL. Orlando is world famous as a tourist destination, with its many theme parks and attractions, and it stands to reason that tourists flocking to the area would seek accommodation in nearby Clermont. This has driven up the number of homes being put up for rent, as families and other groups rent out houses for short periods of time. Speaking of families, Orlando is rated as one of the best cities in Florida to raise a family in!

What is the average home price in Clermont Florida?

Home prices in Clermont have risen steadily in the past couple of years, and experts predict they will rise even more in the months and years to come. At the moment, housing prices in Clermont FL generally hover around $250,000, although this fluctuates frequently. Despite this fluctuation, Real estate values in Clermont are in fact trending upwards. The majority of these homes were built after the year 2000, resulting in a primarily modern housing pool.

What types of homes are most popular in Clermont?

The vast majority of the homes that have been built in Clermont are single family homes in suburban or urban neighborhoods. These homes logically comprise the majority of homes bought and sold on the Clermont real estate market, but they are far from the only type of homes sold on it. There are many other types of homes available on the Clermont housing market, from apartments in large apartment complexes to tidy little townhomes to affordable and simple mobile homes. Alongside the prevailing single family home, townhomes are the second most prevalent, followed closely by apartments in large apartment complexes.

How big is the average home in Clermont FL?

There are a variety of different sizes of homes available on the Clermont real estate market, from small single bedroom bungalows to spacious five-, six- and even seven-bedroom houses. The most common house size, however, is a conservative but roomy two to three bedroom house, with generous room for your average family or couple.

The median list price-per-square-foot for houses in Clermont hovers around $140. This varies from neighborhood to neighborhood of course, but most listings remain consistent to this price range.

Owning a house to rent in Clermont Florida

With the large volume of tourists that frequent the little town of Clermont, one of the most lucrative industries is accomodations. Owning a property and renting it to vacation parties can net you huge profits, and if you are knowledgeable regarding property maintenance and upkeep, it can be a fairly relaxed job with a lot of free time.

If you aren’t experienced in property maintenance and upkeep, never fear. There are property upkeep services that will keep your property or properties in good condition so your guests feel well accommodated. Keep in mind though, these services will take a significant chunk of your profits, so taking a few classes on property upkeep and learning to do property maintenance for yourself might be a better alternative in the long run.

What type of property is best for a rental?

There are a number of different types of properties that are viable as a rental. The most common type of rental in Clermont is a typical single-family home much like you would find in a typical Florida suburb. Renters also sometimes rent out condominiums in larger condominium complexes, which are smaller and usually maintained by the homeowners association (HOA) of the condominium complex.

So which one is right for you? It all depends on your affinity and the level of day-to-day involvement you want to have with your property. If you prefer a more hands off approach, you will probably prefer a condominium, as the day-to-day affairs will likely be handled in large part by the HOA. This will, of course, come with the cost of sizeable HOA fees, but if the convenience of a condo is worth the cost to you, this is probably the route you’ll want to take.

On the other hand, a house offers the opportunity to rent to larger parties, and offers you more control over your property than a condo. Of course, this comes with an increased load of responsibilities and headaches from property maintenance. However, if you’re willing to shoulder these responsibilities, owning a rental house might be just the thing for you!

Buying a house in Clermont FL

Now is a great time to buy real estate in Clermont. As you can see from the information above, real estate holds its value well, and will only increase in price in the months and years to come. If you want to get in on this, you’ll need to find real estate agents in Clermont FL. Once you’ve got a good real estate agent locked in, they’ll help you find the property that’s right for you. One thing is for sure: if you buy property in Clermont, you will not regret your purchase.

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