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7 Amazing Unknown Places You Never Knew in Japan and Australia

Author: Kadir Tuncel
by Kadir Tuncel
Posted: Dec 06, 2019
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Japan and Australia are attracting millions of visitors every year. Both of the places are filled with unlimited places that can enchant and inspire visitors. From eye-catching floral displays to historic castles, to mesmerizing beaches to breathtaking landscapes you can find it all here in the best possible way. Australia is a place which is exhibiting vibrancy and diversity of the creation intrinsically. While in Japan Tokyo is always in the bucket list of every visit. However, most of the people don’t know the fact that there are some amazing secret places in Japan and Australia which you must plan to visit on your next trip.

Most Amazing Places to Visit in Japan and Australia Which You Never Know

Do you want to know some of the most surprising and lesser-known places to visit in Japan and Australia? Here we have brought 7 most surprising and secret places which you must visit in Japan and Australis on your next visit.

Kenrokuen Garden (Japan)

This amazing place is known as the three most beautiful landscape gardens in Japan. This beautiful Kenrokuen garden is filled with walking trails, charming bridges, flowers, trees, and beautiful teahouses. The outer Kanazawa Castle garden was opened in the late 19th century for pubic. Every season will reveal an amazing but different side of the beauty of this garden from cherry blossoms to plum which you can enjoy in spring to amazingly colorful leaves of maple-tree in autumn can give the entire garden perfect look. This is the best scenic place to visit which is capable of giving you Instagrammable photo opportunity.

Nachi Falls (Japan)

Nachi Falls is a single drop tallest waterfall in Japan. This beautiful waterfall is tumbling down 436 feet or 133 meters into the roaring river below. Nachi Falls is overlooked by one of the gorgeous shrines Nachi Taisha Shinto, which is more than 1400 years old and is known as one of various Shinto and Buddhist religious sites around this stunning waterfall. It means that this beautiful Nachi falls is bring represented artistically for centuries. However, this place is being treated as a pilgrimage even at the present day.

Sagano Bamboo Forest (Japan)

This beautiful Sagano forest is situated in Arashiyama, a district that is on Kyoto’s western outskirts. Paths wind via gigantic bamboo groves with the peaking sun between the beautiful green stalks is creating an enchanting and mesmerizing effect. This gorgeous bamboo forest is not only famous because of its beauty but also for the beautiful sound it is creating by the bamboo stalks winning in the wind. You must visit this beautiful Sagano Bamboo forest to enjoy a calming and beautiful experience in the best possible way.

Nishinomaru Garden (Japan)

Nishinomaru Garden is also known as one of the most beautiful lawn gardens in Japan which are here to offer perfectly spectacular Osaka Castle tower views and its moat’s stone of the wall. This garden is covered with more than 95 different apricot flower types and 600 cherry trees. Therefore, it is also known as one of the most popular places for cherry blossom viewing in the spring season. Even more, in the peak blooming periods, night-time illuminations are adding more in its beauty.

Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland (Australia)

Carnarvon Gorge is a lesser-known remote park in Queensland which is also one of the best-kept secrets of this place. This has been carved out more than millions of years, the Carnarvon Gorge contains tall sandstone cliffs filled with flowing creeks at the base and lush flora to make it more gorgeous. This beautiful park is the homeland of open grasslands, different animals and bird species, and rainforest palms.

Secret Falls, Hobart, Tasmania (Australia)

Although this place is not a secret for the locals but also not a well-known place for the visitors. At Mount Wellington base, at the distance of 15 minutes’ walk only from the road, this beautiful secret falls drop about 3 meters down. If you love to prefer tranquility in nature then these secret falls are the best place to be at.

Cape Pillar, Tasmania (Australia)

On the south-eastern corner of the coastline of Tasmania, Cape Pillar is exactly where you can find the tallest cliffs. This rocky cape can be reached on foot only and also forming part of the track of Three Capes. However, from the top of this Cape, the views on the north of other rousing Capes are truly mesmerizing. So, remember to keep your camera with you while visiting this beautiful place.


These are some of the most amazing and breathtaking secret places in Australia and Japan which you must keep in your bucket list. However, Australia has many more beautiful secret places for you to visit. So, if you want to explore more then you must try to find out details about moving from Japan to Australia. It is because this time your trip to Australia will bring much more to you which you certainly have never expected before.

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