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A step-by-step guide to build an on-demand courier delivery application

Author: Brill Mindz
by Brill Mindz
Posted: Jan 03, 2020

A step-by-step guide to building an on-demand courier delivery application

The advent of on-demand application has redefined customer convenience. The revolution that started from Uber has now spread to different industry verticals.

Courier delivery is one of the industries as well have changed because of the impact of on-demand services.

In an age where online shopping and e-commerce is booming, it is the need of the hour to meet the challenge of instant delivery by courier delivery services is strong. And to do that you will need a courier and parcel delivery applications of advanced consisting of all the advanced features.

It goes without saying that in order to emerge as a courier delivery service company to succeed you must have a courier delivery solution that is robust on-demand at your disposal.

How to develop one?

In this article, we will provide you with a systematic guide on how to develop on-demand applications on your own courier delivery.

But before that, let's look at the different business models of business courier delivery.

Types of courier delivery apps based on different business models

There are many different business models to choose from when it comes to building applications courier delivery. Some of these business models are mentioned below:

Postal & courier service application

Companies have realized the importance of mobile and then leveraged to their advantage to follow this business model. Some big names like FedEx and DPD use mobile applications in their parcel and courier services.

The former also has a separate mobile application for same-day delivery service. Similarly, it has an administrative panel fully-fledged client. This panel allows them to create shipments and print labels for packaging.

Package tracking aggregators

In this type of business model, data from all media are accumulated at some point. In this business model, the company requires only one application for tracking all packets regardless of the carrier. Packages can be added seamlessly using his ID. Additionally, push notifications on the application keep the customer updated regarding the status of delivery.

Brand delivery and integrated solutions

In this type of business model, companies use mobile applications that have the monitoring function commands. Some online retailers also provide a complete range of successful delivery. The biggest advantage of using this application is that the customer gets to know if the package is ready for shipment, was shipped, or is delivered.

Many retailers use these brand package delivery applications to gain an advantage over their competitors by ensuring transparency and convenience to their end customers.

Uber as a market for package delivery

In addition to revolutionizing the taxi industry, Uber has also established a the successful business model that can mimic many industries and gain an advantage. Uber for mail delivery service is such an emulation of this business model in the field of courier delivery.

Uber as mail Delivery Company could be a huge success that the previous uber for companies X is known to disrupt the conventional or traditional business models in all industries.

We understand the different business models now allow focusing on how to build a delivery mail application.

How to build an on-demand application delivery courier

No matter which approach or business model you choose, it will not be easy to build packet delivery on-demand applications on your own. For that, you have to make some decisions in the right order mentioned below.

Choosing a suitable business model

The first step is to choose the most suitable business model. We have already mentioned the main business models used in the courier business on-demand delivery. You have to choose whether you will go to a retailer branded application delivery, postal service application, or on-demand delivery of the application package.

To make the right choice, you should consider several factors such as your specific business, the purpose of the audience, the long-term, resources available, and many more.

Define your business objectives and requirements

There is more to initiate on-demand courier services than just develop mobile applications. You need to understand the specifics, opportunities, and requirements of your business model.

You also need to consider various factors such as the geographic services of your delivery. You need to find answers to questions such as:

Will it only operates in the city, across the country, or around the world?

What would be the type of delivery that you will offer?

What will be the average size of package, weight, and type of packaging that you would prefer?

The answer All these questions will have a direct impact on the scope and function.

Identifying the true scope of features

After completing all the theoretical aspects, you can begin to work on the practical implementation of your concept. You can start by prioritizing your needs and documents. Here you can create a functional specification to organize all of your needs.

The scope and the functionality of your product may vary depending on the specifications and business models. However, there are some basics and must-have features in courier and parcel delivery applications. Let's look at them.

Must-have feature for your courier delivery applications

chat Admin

This feature allows the admin to chat with users as well as sending people to improve service quality and customer satisfaction. This feature helps in maintaining a continuous communication with both boys and customer delivery.

Premium delivery

With the help of this feature, users can demand for faster delivery. For this service, users need to pay some extra price compared to normal delivery.

packaging options

Users can also, request for packaging with this feature. Packaging features that ensure the user packages wrapped to prevent potential damage while shipping. Packaging costs can vary based on the size of the package.

real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the most important features of package delivery and courier services. This feature is common to the admin panel, application drivers, and customer applications. In customer applications, users can track the location and status of their packages in real-time.

This tracking feature plays a major role in improving customer satisfaction because it gives users the assurance that their package is being delivered.

Similarly, this feature also helps the admin to match the nearest available driver to deliver the package. Moreover, it supports multiple routes that allow users to add multiple addresses in the list.

This feature also helps the shippers because they can choose the delivery address and the pickup point with accuracy.

push notifications

Push notifications help users to receive live updates to their delivery status directly from the application. These push notifications provide users with vital information such as the current state of delivery, the estimated time of delivery, and a change in the route of the delivery time if necessary.

Not only that, but users also receive the contact information of the driver and the sender notification.

Push notifications are also an important means of engagement between the parties. Push notifications are used to inform customers about the different offers and promotions. This plays an important role in retaining customers.

Payment Gateway

payment gateway is another key element that you should include in your request on the delivery of mail applications. payment gateways such as top-up purse and credit / debit cards, bank transfer should be integrated into the system.

This payment gateway allows the user several payment options such as COD, card and wallet.

Not only that, with this feature, users also receive a digital receipt of the invoice that has all the important information such as the time and date of delivery, order number, description, shipping costs, etc.

Rate and review

This feature allows the customer to evaluate the service and give your opinion on the basis of their experience. Ratings and reviews are important because it helps you introspect your services.

Rewards and deals

Rewards and deals are a smart way to attract customers and advertising your services. Offering personalized rewards makes your customer and increases the special feeling of where customer loyalty.

application development

Now that you have decided on the business model and its main features, it's time to start developing your own app delivery of mail.

For the development of your delivery mail application on request include designing UI / UX, testing and engineering. The only thing that is different from the technology stack and tools you choose for your application.

There are two ways to approach development of applications:

Rent your own internal team to develop mobile applications.

Finding a suitable technology provider, reputable and experienced that will take care of your entire mobile application development.

Do you want the second option is beneficial and convenient if you do not have the required experience or technical training manipulation software developers, designers, etc.

The second option is also useful if you find it difficult to hire local developers. You can simply rely on professionals who have the skills and the fan experience in all areas such as development, design, and testing.

Start the MVP, learn and improve

A common mistake many people make is to separate application in the first appointment. The most reasonable decision would be to prioritize the features and scope of the project to develop the minimum viable product (MVP).

Once the MVP is live on Google Play or Apple Store, you can obtain valuable information in the form of feedback from the user. Not only that, but you can also get useful data from reports and analyzes that can guide you in making business decisions based on insight.

Apart from a few important activities post-launch the application, you must be prepared for continuous on continuous improvements and updates.

The essential factors to be considered for the development of applications delivery mail

To succeed as a delivery courier company, the development of the delivery of mail applications is not enough. You must also consider several other factors to make your business successful.

your application Market

Launching an application will not be enough. You must aggressively promote using various media such as social media platforms, print media, television, connection, etc. Your goal should be to arouse curiosity among users before launch.

Build relationships with your target audience

It is important that you quickly identify your target audience and make efforts to build a strong customer relationship with them. In return, you get valuable information that can help you boost your business.

Attract customers with offers

You can attract new customers by offering promotions and lucrative offers. You have to develop strategies and to think about what kind of offers would attract your target audience. For this, you can try a variety of offers or a combination of them to see which works.

Comments Act

Your comments are of utmost importance because it helps you see all your arrears as far as customer service is concerned. To continue to improve, you need to take immediate action on the comments of all your users.

Personalized messages

Send personalized messages to your customers regarding all offers and promotions. These messages help to effective customer engagement. However, make sure you send messages limited so that it does not bother your users.

Cost of a request for delivery of mail on demand

To determine the cost, it is demand delivery of mail to the significant demand to understand that this depends on various factors. Here are some key factors that influence the cost estimate of a development application delivery of mail.

The mobile phone company development of applications you are going to hire for application design and development.

What mobile platform you go for? Is iOS, Android, or both? You can choose one of the platforms, or both as required.

Customer service post-launch you will need for your mobile business app development.

What set of features, you want to incorporate into your delivery mail application?

Want to build an MVP or a separate application?

Given all the above factors, we found that the estimated cost for courier delivery the request will be around $ 16K to $ 24K USD.


In the era of today's technological advances, mail delivery request is the soul of any delivery business mail and parcels. However, the development of a simple mail delivery and application package is not enough. There are many things you have to consider that already discussed in the blog.

I hope this blog gives you a crystal clear guide on the development of applications delivery mail and packages. For this content insightful read on this space.

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