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RTF to PDF Converter – How Businesses Can Benefit from PDF Files

Author: Sub Systems
by Sub Systems
Posted: Jan 20, 2020

PDF is everywhere in everyone’s day-to-day life. Official documents, brochures, contracts, invoices, job applications, and more – the list of documents that we share as PDF is endless. But why are we actually using PDF? Why are we so keen to convert a rich text format into PDF? What makes it so reliable that it is still today one of the most used file types since its origin in the early 90s, with new tools continuously evolving to suit the latest developments in the digital world?

Portability is clearly the most defining aspect of PDF. In spite of the operating system or device you are using, the original layout, including pictures and fonts, will look the same to you, printed on paper and on-screen. No matter which software was used to write the file, with RTF to PDF Converter, you can always have the result looking the same – everywhere.

One of the other aspects which make this converter one of the most sought-after is its security. PDF files can be secured with a password, and it can be defined whether a user can open, edit, or print the file. This helps to protect sensitive information and keep control over your data.

The RTF to PDF Converter is much more flexible than you may think

While almost everyone is familiar with how to convert RTF files to PDF, some people think that this is all the format has to offer. But PDF is far from being a one-way street.

With a PDF Converter tool, you can have numerous possibilities than just saving files as PDF. You can pre-select where you want your files to be auto-saved and the email address they will be sent to. Furthermore, you can use token to predefine specific values like date or user name. It can be helpful when you print a lot of documents of the same sort, for examples, invoices.

You can also merge multiple PDF files and re-arrange their order.

It cannot get any better. Isn’t it? Read on to find out.

Editing PDF Files and Using E-Signature

Despite its seemingly strong format, PDF files are very flexible. While you may think that ‘I cannot edit a PDF file like a Word document,’ well, you actually can! A PDF editing tool will let you convert PDF into Word, or you can use its ‘Edit Feature’ to make modifications directly within your PDF file.

But that is not where the things end. PDF tool allows you to quickly and safely send, request and track documents for e-signature directly within your application. These electronic signatures are subject to the same legal scrutiny and authenticity that applies to any written agreement and thus make them as valid as their paper equivalents.

With all these benefits of the PDF format, it is easy to understand why PDF plays such a huge part in the corporate world. The portable aspect, as well as the security features, makes it a safe and flexible way to share the document with business partners.


If we have converted you into a PDF fan, we recommend you to install RTF to PDF Converter online. We offer a simple and hassle-free method of converting from RTF to PDF format, which is suitable for all IT environments and within your application.

Visit Sub Systems if you are looking for a reliable PDF Converter tool online. Find a feature-rich, robust, and cost-efficient PDF translator here!

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