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3 must-read books for new bees in real estate for 2020

Author: Derick James
by Derick James
Posted: Mar 27, 2020

Everyone who is now experts in real estate investing would have stepped in as a new bee in real estate investing. We all knew a little bit when we started and guess what even I was on the beginning step. But some books helped me as well as many real estate investors to grow bigger in knowledge without tricks. If you are trying to become a big shot in real estate investing then try to read these 5 books which will help you out in investing.

Why books?

As there are so many blogs updating regularly, there is some special treasure with books. There are no distractions when you start reading books. Say good-byes to pop-ups and other distractions when you are coming across the ads. Here are some special books which you can read out to know all on investing, property tax and much more related to investing.

The book on investing in real estate with no and low money down

The book was written by Brandon Turner and it covers various topics on financing. It gives an idea about deal analysis and handling contracts. It can be a better book for savvy investors who want to make more deals often. It has got numerous strategies to try creative investing rather than the traditional way of investing.

The author Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor by himself. He is a well-known entrepreneur and writer with more than 100 rental units under his belt.

More than cash flow: The real risks & rewards of profitable real estate investing

As a beginner, we all think that real estate investing is focused on cash flow but the author Julie Broad gives a new perspective. This book will give you an idea of whether you need to quit your job for investing in real estate. The biggest threat while investing in real estate is money. The book can give you a crystal clear idea of how to utilize funds and close the deals without jeopardizing your social relationships.

The author Julie Broad is one of the most valued writers of real estate. She gives genuine and honest ideas on real estate investing.

Timing the real estate market: How to buy low and sell high in real estate

The timing in real estate is like a queen’s move! When you hit the deal at the right time, then you can bring fill your accounts with more bucks. This book has got the secrets of America’s biggest investors. This will give the reader a wide idea of when to buy, when to sell and what to do in the middle! He gives an idea about the prediction of real estate prices. It gives an idea of how to survive during a downturn period and manage it until the next upswing!

Craig Hall is chairman and founder of Hall's financial group. He has a splendid of knowledge when it comes to real estate finance and investing.

These are the top 3 books which you can read to gain a real understanding when to invest and how to invest. To get a brief idea of properties across the USA, enriched realestate website can give you thousands of data with the right numbers. Staying updated with books and blogs can help you to improvise income as a beginner!

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Hi everybody, It’s Derick from Houston and am working as a freelance property tax consultant. I love reading and writing. Write to me @

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