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Top Reasons to Implement a Power Dialer

Author: Jane Edisonn
by Jane Edisonn
Posted: Apr 01, 2020

Call center companies are always interested in improving efficiency and this means investing in various solutions. There are several out there and some promise amazing features, increased productivity and cost savings. Investing in a power dialer is indeed highly beneficial and one of the best ways to improve efficiency. At first, it is essential to get to know more about power dialer software, what it is, how it works, to be able to decide if it is suitable for your business.

What is a Power Dialer?

A power dialer is an automated phone dialing system, highly useful in call centers, because it connects prospect clients with agents. It makes a lot of sense to implement the system, because it helps save valuable time and the effort of dialing numbers manually. People should not confuse it with a predictive dialer, which is used to dial numbers in the database, even if there is no agent on the line. When someone answers the phone, an available agent takes the call. Power dialing is configurable and there is no need to transfer calls.

Agents are already available and on the line when calls are made. If people respond, agents will greet them. When an agent is available, the dialer automatically dials the next contact in the list. This gives better control and eliminates manual work. Agents spend a lot of time dialing numbers and instead, they can take in more calls and focus on the actual conversation, not checking if numbers are correct. Companies have the purpose of investing in quality responses and making sure prospective customers are satisfied with received service.

How Does Power Dialer Software Works?

The functionality of a power dialer software is to dial numbers automatically, as soon as the agent finishes a call. He/she hears a person talk at the end of the line and will respond to the call. To put it simpler, once the person dialed responds, the dialer automatically connects the two. In case a contact in the database does not respond, rejects the call or the number is busy or invalid, the dialer drops the call and moves to another contact. The process is straightforward and the key is to have a solid database, with valid contacts, to save valuable time and reach actual responders.

To get a better idea of how the concept works, it is important to understand each step and then focus on finding a provider that does not disappoint and offers a fully featured tool. The basic rundown is as follows:

  • Daily calls are placed in the automated list on the dialer
  • Agents have the possibility of seeing who they will be talking to once calls are being made
  • As soon as a caller responds and is active on the line, the agent will respond with a personalized greeting
  • In case the call is dropped or unanswered, the tool moves to the next number in the contact list

The power dialer is highly suitable for inbound calls, not only outbound calls. This is applicable to a good solution. However, it depends on what the client wants and if a business requires such a system. With inbound calls, the automation manages to ensures that none of the incoming calls remain unanswered, being redirected to agents. When they pick up, they can view the caller’s name and greet him/her accordingly. What happens when no one is available to respond? There are some software tools that upload music to keep callers engaged, until an agent becomes available.

The next step is getting to know the benefits of a power dialer, and understand why you should include such a system within your company. There are many to go through, because automating processes has proved to be beneficial in many ways. For once, business owners will take advantage of better lead management, meaning more time at your disposal to manage leads. It is essential to filter invalid contacts in the database, such as blacklisted or people who demand not to be called. The software does this and eliminates wasted time and energy.

Besides phone numbers, the power dialer retains important information about customer history, sales, and data gathered from callbacks, and more. This information will be available to agents and they can manage leads better and offer an improved calling experience. More to it, the dialer keeps tabs, in order to prioritize some calls that generated leads. Some prospects have higher chances of responding positively to calls and agents can focus on those contacts, not to lose the opportunity of turning them into leads.

Call centers will become more productive after implementing the power dialer software. This is because agents will not have to waste time with uninterested callers, busy ones or getting to voicemails. Only live people are connected to agents and this translates into saved time and more focus on boosting calling performance, offering them the needed support and answering all questions.

Every company wants to boost sales and this is possible through great efficiency and productivity. Enhancing personalization influences the experience callers have and agents should make an effort to exceed expectations. This is up to business owners, to invest in their staff as well and train them periodically. Besides the power dialer software, it makes a difference to train them in order to improve communication and negotiation skills. Afterwards, they will focus more on prospects and how to turn them in actual clients.

There are several power dialer software solutions out there and it is crucial to invest in the right one. After assessing the company’s needs and objectives, administrators are free to get in touch with several providers and find out what they have to offer, what features exist, at what price range, and more. One can request quotes and even a free trial period, to test the software or at least some features and see whether it is worth the investment or not. Providers offer training manuals and support throughout the collaboration period. In case updates are required at a certain point, the provider should include them in the package.

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