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Buran Ghati Trek - Trek in Himachal | Trekveda

Author: Amzy ME
by Amzy ME
Posted: Apr 06, 2020
buran ghati

Buran Ghati Trek

Nestled in Himachal Pradesh, Buran Ghati pass trek is one of the best treks in India well known for its adventure, and when it’s primarily about trekking in Himachal; Buran Ghati Pass trek can be the most thrilled yet astonishing trek. Buran Ghati Pass Trek altitude is 15,000 Ft. and therefore it's little hard, but at the same time, it is the most spine-tingling trek. There comes a scared lake in your way to Buran Ghati Pass Trek that is Chandranahan nestled at a higher altitude, locals considered it as the holiest lake of the area, Buran Ghati Pass trek package can be a purse in June to October as it is the best time for Buran Ghati Pass Trek.

Trek Itinerary : Buran Ghati Trek

Day 1 : Reach Janglik

Altitude : 9,200 Ft.

Time taken : 9 to 11 hrs

The base camp of Buran Ghati trek is Janglik, from where the trek goes further. The drive to Janglik will start from Shimla, and the way will pass through Rohru, one of the admirable beauties in your way. Where in between the drive you will get the change to witness the small villages, where you will be able to see the native culture of Himachal. The natives are so sober and polite, and the pretty small villages have the true cultural essence that will be so impressive for you to watch. The whole journey will pass through the oak and pine trees forest, the greens will look so soothing and lovely, and the pathway will lead you to the beautiful places. The more you will move further, the cool breeze will touch your face, and that would feel like best experience.

Day 2 : Janglik to Dayara Thatch

Altitude : 11,150 Ft.

Time taken : 5-6 hrs

Water sources : Bring you water bottles though water source is available

Trek Gradient : Moderate ascent

On your 2nd day waking up in the shining valley of Himachal will be a fantastic experience after having your morning breakfast and tea start your trek. Get ready for the 2nd day adventure, and fun, the trek today will be mesmerizing. You will pass by the beautifully crafted wheat fields that are set in front of the wooden farmhouse. The captivating picturesque wooden houses will engage you totally in the beauty of mountains, and their attractive rooftops will be wonderful. The ultimate beauty will not stop here as Buran Ghati Pass trek is the most beautiful and attractive trek. So in the way of it you will also witness the view of Diude, Tonglu, and other small villages after climbing for an hour or two. Later on, the climb will be gradual, and Dayara Meadows will be the spot for camping, then in the evening you will be climb near Hillock for the acclimatization.

Day 3 : Dayara Thatch to Litham

Altitude : 11,800 Ft.

Time taken : 3-4 hrs

Water sources : Sources of water is available on the way

Trek Gradient : Easy gradual ascent and then descent

3rd day of Buran Ghati Trek will start from Dayara Thatch and takes you to Litham through the dense forest, green meadows, and the gushing streams. The trail will pass by the streams, so you will be able to fill your water bottles, and the whole scenario will be so artistic just like Mother Nature is the most beautiful artist and an art itself. Buran Ghati Pass Trek shows it well that Nature can make a person calm, free, and happy. Along with this eternal beauty, you will be able to see the gigantic mountains of the Dhauladhars, and you will come across the forest of Bhoj. The beauty of Litham will unfold after 3, 4 hrs of trek.

Day 4 : Acclimatization day, visit to Chandranahan Lake

Altitude : 13,800 Ft.

Time taken : 6-7 hrs

Water sources : Sources of water is available on the way

Trek gradient : Difficult, Steep ascent and descent

Acclimatization is most important when you are going on a high altitude trek as Buran Ghati. After your breakfast, you will visit Chandranahan Lake for an acclimatization walk as it is essential for your body to get used to of this environment because it is not the average temperature. It will be an exciting and satisfying walk, and the lake is so beautiful, On the side of Chandranahan Lake, you will be able to click lots of pictures, as it is a beautiful destination, and continue walking upstream towards the waterfall from where it emerges. In June the area still will have enough amount of snow, as you will reach the lake you will realize that the lake is smaller in size and is fed by the snowfields around it.

Day 5 : Litham to Dhunda

Altitude : 13,100 Ft.

Time taken : 8.9 km, 6-7 hrs

Water sources : There is one spot to refill your water bottles, about 4-4.5 hrs into the trek near a hamlet.

Trek Gradient : Moderate, Mixture of gradual & steep ascent

On 5th day you will head towards Dhunda from Litham, as you got enough time to acclimatize yourself the last day, so it won’t be too hard to fight the demon of whether this day but still all the precautions are needed. 5th day you will have to climb 2 hrs to Dhunda which is rested at an altitude of 13,300 Ft. On the way, you will be able to see the Dhauladhar range which looms over the trail with Gunas pass sitting pretty on top of the snowflakes of the grey mountains. The mountains in the way are the blend of Grey and white with the grasslands of Litham in the left and Rupin Valley in the right. It has a sharp ascent which gives you the first view of Buran Ghati to your left. Spend some time at this spot to click some wonderful pictures. Later on, you will start the trek to Dhunda taking the shepherd trail that will lead you to the pass, form there you will get the unobstructed view of the Buran Ghati pass, the whole fantastic scenario will be so spine-tingling.

Day 6 : Dhunda to Munirang via Buran Ghati

Altitude : 15,000 Ft.

Time taken : 10-11 hrs

Water sources : Carry at least 2 liters of water from the camp site

Trek Gradient : Difficult, Steep ascent and descent

On the 6th day, trekking will be hard as there will be both ascending and descending. Coming out of Dhunda the trail will follow the ridges and hop over the boulders towards the base of Buran Ghati pass, and from the base it will take almost an hour-long trek to the top of the Buran Ghati pass and most of the trek will be leading on snow, so one has to be cautious while walking. Buran Ghati is nestled at almost 15,000 Ft. and it will be a thrilling climb, there will be a narrow ledge on the top, and the drop on the other side will be sharp and steep, so without the rope, the descent will be risky and difficult. You will be in the snowfield below the pass, and after that, there will be many series over the smaller ledge that you will come by sliding down. After so much of adventure in passing the ridge, you will finally reach the base of the pass. It will almost take an hour or maybe long, depends on the person’s ability. The Buran Ghati Pass Trek will be a fantastic trek in Himachal and as there is no doubt that Trekking in Himachal is the strangest feeling that makes one forgets the world.

Day 7 : Barua village and Departure from Barua village.

Altitude : 6,600 Ft.

Time taken : 4-5 hrs

Water sources : Only 3 water sources on the way carry 2 liters of water

Trek Gradient : Easy, gradual descent

As every beautiful thing ends, so here Buran Ghati Pass Trek too, on the 7th day you will descend to the Barua village which is well known for its vegetation, the trail is an amazing one, you will be shocked by the beauty of this whole Buran Ghati Pass Trek.

This day, the Buran Ghati Pass Trek ends. You will descend to Barua village which is well known for its vegetation. The trail is an amazing one will go through the pine with a blend of other beautiful trees. After descend for an hour and half the trail will take you to a large stream which later meets the Barua Khud. You will be able to spot a lot of shrubs; you will also witness the trees of apricot and peaches on the way. After an hour you will be treated by the apple orchards, and there you will see the sign of civilization when you will reach the village. The descent will be more rapid. After coming to the village, you will leave for your destinations and here the Buran Ghati Pass Trek will be over.

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