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How Workers Compensation Scheme Works

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Aug 13, 2014
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Falling sick or getting injured is inevitable when at work and for such reasons, the workers compensation act is designed to enable workers who gets injured or fall sick as a result of their job receive a certain amount of money in order to pay for their medical bills provided the due process is followed and the claim is considered valid by the company. Before any injury claim can be made by an employee, he or she must alert the company of the actual occurrence of the injury and in order to back this claim up, a medical doctor must provide you with the information on the injury which would state its severity and how long you are expected to stay away from active service to aid the recovery process. This information documented by your doctor must be taken to your employer in order for him or her to know how to go about with the compensation funds and possibly find a way to fill in your space at work.

You do not need to send a written claim to your insurer before you can start receiving your compensation funds as long as you have already informed your employer of the injury. Once you have made the necessary medical documents available, your employer will inform the insurer of the claim and within seven days, the insurance company will start offering provisional liability payments to cover the cost of your treatments however, the insurer will also come in to investigate the seriousness of the injury and how bad your doctor deems it to be. This will help the insurer decide whether to continue with the payments or suspend it.

Another event that occurs before the insurer starts making provisional liability payments available is that he will need to get some facts on the injury documented and so he calls the employer and the injured worker to a meeting where he begins to question them on what led to the injury and how it can be avoided in the future.

Although most insurers start the provisional liability payments seven days after they are informed of the worker’s injury, others although in rare cases usually have a valid reason why they wouldn’t start the payment in that period. How long the provisional liability payments would be made depends on the insurer and how they rate the situation however, the maximum time with which the payments can carry on is twelve weeks.

There are times when unscrupulous workers fake injuries or illness simply because they want to receive undue payments or spend a few days at home. It is common in large companies and even though it works, it’s considered an offense punishable by law so it is advised that all workers stay away from such dastardly act that could instantly put a dent on their image and in some cases lead to a sack letter. The Federal Workers Compensation scheme is designed to aid workers with their deserved entitlements and not to be used as a means of committing petty crimes.

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