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Is PRINCE2 Agile Foundation Certification Worth the Time and Money?

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: May 04, 2020
project management

In this modern business industry, project management plays a vital role and a highly in-demand skill among the current business trends.

Companies are currently going through a major change with the rise in new opportunities. They are mostly focusing on the flexibilities for obtaining the best results in areas of project management. Again, the rise in opportunities eventually leads to an increase in the number of operating projects within the company and that intern will raise the expectation from the employees. Also, the creativity that is being applied to the projects is shaping the future of these companies, they are responsible for the instantaneous grown. And, in this segment, the companies will take great care of the employees dedicated to project management who are outperforming with perfection.

All these years, most of the companies would let their employees handle the projects based on the relevant experience and no companies were keen on demanding or focusing on any kind of certification from them. But now, as the technology elapse majority of the company has started to realize that certain credible skills for progress are very much essential for their employees and without the required talent or skill the projects are tossed on risks of getting into a failure, which could also lead to a financial loss.

Now that they are started to focus on skills, soon they have started to bifurcate them to the relevant projects as different projects demand or encompass to have different skills to attain the efficiency and successful closure of the project. And hence, leading to the increased demand for the certification of project management related courses.

It is a project manager’s responsibility in deciding the right certification for them, based on the category of their work experience. There are hundreds of certification options that are available out there in the market, but at the present trends, the PRINCE2 agile certification program is the best with complete coverage of the business cycle.

Because of the vast concepts and broader aspects covered under this program, most of the people are very skeptical. Why is the concept so vast? It is because that the Agile and PRINCE2 are two separate entities and comes with a different set of methodologies, But the combination of these will make the best outcome from a project manager and it will manage to secure a significant career opportunity. Here are some of the facts that the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification can train and provide you with the knowledge of a project manager and make your career skyrocket.

A Huge Demand in the Market

Imagine this, you get a certification done but that certification does not have any demand in the market, it would be a terrible waste of time and money, right? Yes, of course (would be your answer, I guess) Then what you have to do? Get a certification for yourself that is currently in huge demand out there in the market, if you are not familiar, research about the latest trends, seek guidance from your employers, mentors, colleagues, and friends so that you could land in a five-star cruiser than an in a small boat.

But, Why PRINCE2 certification in specific?

  • Companies have started to consider this as base criteria than a college degree
  • Very advantageous as its globally recognized
  • With this certification, one can a unique quality and efficiency on the project output
  • As said, the PRINCE2 and Agile put together yields a powerful source of knowledge
  • Premium PayScale and value addition to your profile

Final Thoughts

Congrats, you have ended up at the right place i.e. at Sprintzeal. With our professional and experienced trainers, you will not have any confusion under their guidance. We will ensure that the PRINCE2 Foundation certification obtained from us will be completely worth obtaining you a breakthrough carrier. If you looking out for staggering career growth then this certification at Sprintzeal is your gateway towards achieving it.

Thanks for reading through. Now is the right time for you to connect with us.

About the Author

Fareed is a graduate of computer science engineering, a writer and marketing consultant. he continues to study on Nano technology and its resulting benefits to achieving almost there.

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