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Different types of cat collars for your cat

Author: Kashif Hassan
by Kashif Hassan
Posted: May 22, 2020
cat collar

Just like an ornament or necklace adds beauty to humans, a cat collar adds some beauty and uniqueness to your cat. Besides the beauty the collar adds to your cat, it will identify it as a pet straying from someone’s home and would not be treated as a stray cat once it ventures out of your compound.

Cats socialize and visit their friends in the neighborhood. You may lose your cat as when it’s treated as a stray cat, the possibility of it landing in an animal shelter for protection cannot be ruled out.

Getting the cat back may not be easy, and even identifying it from other cats will not be a walk in the park. Good care means having your cat put on a collar at all times.

Different types of cat collars

A cat collar may bring some discomfort to your cat at the initial stage. It’s important to choose a collar that will fit properly and in which your cat will feel comfortable. If you realize it is scratching around the neck and even trying to pull it off and to behave in a funny way and wagging its tail, it could be the collar is tight and is bringing some discomfort.

There are different types of cat collars, however, three are most common. These include buckle collars, stretch collars, and breakaway collars.

Buckle collars

Use a buckle to fit it around the cat’s neck and to fasten it in place. This is a traditional type of collar which has been in use time immemorial.

Stretch collars

These are elastic in nature, and to place it on the cat’s neck, you just pull it wide and slip it on around the neck. This type of collar may be tight or loose on the cat’s neck and serve no useful purpose and, in some instances, may lead to some discomfort. It is extremely difficult to establish the size of your cat’s neck and get a matching stretch collar to fit it.

Breakaway collars

These collars are designed to quickly release under pressure and snap open. It is easy to fit and remove when necessary.

This type of collar is the best considering the behavior of cats. A cat is curious and may want to peep through the hedge and reach the other side. The chances of getting stuck in branches or the fence and hurting are minimized. There is the pressure of the cat forcing inside. It will lead to snapping of the collar and releasing the cat to safety.

A plain neck collar alone, no matter how unique it may be, cannot help in establishing the owner of a cat without proper mode of identification being put in place. It may be an ID tag, microchip, GPS collars, Radio collars, and all these will help you locate your lost cat if it goes missing.


When buying the cat collar, remember to include a tag. In it, you may put the owner’s name, contact, physical location, and any other useful information for identification.


This chip will contain all the information in regard to identification. It may include your name, physical location, and any other crucial information which may be necessary to connect the lost cat with you as the owner. Once the chip is passed through a special scanner, the stored information will be retrieved and contact made.

GPS collars

These are similar to the GPS mode used in automobiles. It has a battery which connects with a cell phone to enable you to know the exact location of the cat.This system only works when the battery is active and maybe rendered useless when the battery drops.

Radio collars

These collars will help in locating a lost cat but cannot help in giving an exact location at which the cat is but can generally give an estimated distance. It may become difficult to get the cat and might involve a lot of effort and time and may prove very cumbersome. With the emergence of more advanced technology like the microchip and GPS, one may seem moving backward while choosing these collars.


This is how the cat collar is useful to the owner and the cat too. A mischievous and venturesome cat may travel kilometers and get stuck there with friends just like human beings, and especially young kids behave.

The visit may be sweet news to the cat and may not even feel like going back home. With a good identification on the collar, this will help unite you with your favorite pet.

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