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SEO Statistics for 2020 Every Modern-Day Entrepreneur Must Know

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Jul 16, 2020
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The fact that the SEO landscape is continuously changing is both enthralling and intimidating. Nearly all the modern-day entrepreneurs realized that only by keeping pace with the varied Google algorithm updates, they could position their digital content on the foremost search engine result pages.

Focusing on the right place is mandatory. Well, the following write-up specifies a few SEO statistics that pave the way for the best online marketing decisions in 2020. Please check them out now.

1. Google is Responsible for Over 74% of Desktop Traffic Followed by Bing (9.97%), Baidu (9.34%), and Yahoo (2.77%)

To win at search engine optimization, you must adhere tothe rules laid down by Google. Ranking high on Bing and Yahoo may bring visitors, but companies that rank well on Google are most likely to get maximum business.

2. Google Received Approximately 2 Trillion Searches Last Year

The experts creating campaigns of search engine optimization Cape Town and in other locations found out that contemporary consumers perform online searches a lot. Gaining high ranks on Google allows users to research easily but on your terms.

3. 55% of Webpages do not have Any Backlink

According to a recent study, half of the webpages nowadays do not have any backlinks. And another 30% have four or fewer backlinks. This provides marketers an excellent opportunity to beat their competitors by getting as many backlinks as possible to their site and content.

4. 35% of SEO Professionals Think Title Tag or Headline is the Most Significant Element

Most entrepreneurs put all their effort into fabricating a perfect copy and do not pay much attention to the headline. This is considered the biggest blunder. Your headline informs search engines about the topic you have chosen to write about, and it is what the customers notice first across the social media platforms, in the newsletters, and all the received backlinks.

5. 75% of Marketers Perceive SEO More Effective than PPC

Online marketing is becoming mature with each passing day. Thus, companies are learning to implement SEO more efficiently. They also saw that it generates better results than PPC. Traffic, sales, leads, and ROI are benchmarks that provided SEO an edge over PPC.

6. 60% of Millennial and Gen Z Consumers Prefer Visual Search More Than Any Technology

Have images become the new keywords? The experts working for top web development companies in Cape Town and other noted locations certainly support this claim. If you have not already started, it is time to formulate a plan that includes visual search, prioritizing metadata and schema markup.

The marketers are investing a substantial amount of time and money on SEO that means the competition for topmost spots will continue heating up. Providing value to the customers is perhaps the best way to appear on the foremost search engine result pages, so, write quality content and build agreeable user experiences.

Learning about the SEO statistics stated above and incorporating their data into a campaign sets entrepreneurs up for long-term success. Carrying out an SEO audit has also proven helpful.

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