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Trends to Look for in the Web-to-Print Industry in 2020

Author: Pratik Shah
by Pratik Shah
Posted: Jul 30, 2020

Over the past decade, the printing industry has witnessed huge growth. As per the statistics, the web to print market was valued at USD 867.3 billion with an estimated growth rate of 7.62% until 2025.

It is high time all Magento Web-to-Print store owners start catering ever-increasing customer demands. Adopting the latest trends in this web-to-print industry to survive and grow has become a must.

To stand out in the printing industry here is the list of trends any e-store owner can look forward to:

Trends Worth Welcoming in the Web-to-Print Industry
  • Automation

Any delay in a printing job can raise questions on the business owner’s competence in meeting deadlines and fulfilling customers’ demands. So, staying on top of customers’ demands has become all business owners’ major responsibility.

To cater to customers’ demands in a better way, the industry has come up with ‘Automation’ of almost every process. Fully automated strategies and programs are improving both owners’ and consumers’ experiences gradually.

For instance, now consumers don’t have to manually place an order. They can simply load and send photos via any channel.

All these automated programs or strategies reduce dependency on manual processes. They not only help you auto-create designs but also automate manufacturing and production processes.

  • 3-D Printing Technology

3-D prototyping printing technology settled the entire printing industry by storm. The global market of 3-D printing is forecast to grow to nearly USD 50 billion by 2025. With more and more printers adopting this technology, it surpassed subtractive manufacturing in popularity.

3-D printing can not only be speedier but also more accessible. And a Magento printing extension or software design tool has boosted its potential further.

Healthcare, automotive, robotics, education, etc. all are tapping into the potential of 3-D print technology.

  • Variable Data Interface

A print e-commerce store can also accommodate on-the-spot changes in the requirements.

For example, your consumer sent a print request for invitation cards. However, a few minutes later, they realize that they’ve made a typo in the venue address.

In order to correct that, they just can simply update the file at their end. The Magento Web-to-Print software will recognize the update and make edits accordingly.

This is why the variable data interface can be useful. A requestor or consumer doesn’t have to go through multiple channels and operations. They can simply change their information in no time.

Hence, variable data interface saves both consumers’ and business owners’ time and adds to their convenience.

  • Personalization Options

A business constantly needs to maintain its brand image in today’s competitive market.

Personalization isn’t just about customizing design. It also includes customizing format, specs, and other details as per customers’ preferences.

These personalization options are easily accessible for customers these days. They just have to input their preferences and the W2P technology will recognize them. With a Magento printing extension, customers can even design their products.

  • Integration with a Shipment Partner

Carrying out an initial transaction online has now become possible with the W2P technology. It doesn’t make any difference to shipment of a product to its destination.

As a result, the importance of having a reliable shipping partner has increased.

The W2P software transmits the shipping request to ship designs to customers to a third-party just after the click of the ‘Order Now’ button.

Real-time connection between shipping partners and business owners is a fairly new concept. It can go far ahead in the coming years.

Live Tracking can also come in handy. This feature keeps a customer informed about the status of their orders through text messages.

  • Voice Control and Command

Today, the need for efficiency is on the rise in every industry and the W2P industry is no exception. Some products with voice integrations have recently come up in the market.

Such voice integrations reduce the time and effort that go in manually typing all print specifications. Customers can simply mention their print specifications through voice commands. This new-age technology is a giant step towards making print job orders more customer-friendly.

  • Online Printing Portals

Web-to-Print technology is a technology to thrive in the future too. The proof is that all small businesses and even big entrepreneurs are preferring this technology. On top, consumers are also welcoming this service.

Therefore, several online printing portals have flooded the market. Online store owners have given full-fledged customization freedom to customers by providing a web-to-print storefront to them.

By partnering with an online printing portal, you can give your consumers more convenience and ease of transaction. Exploring this new option in the coming future may bring in more new customers for a steady flow of business growth.

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Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head at Brush Your Ideas, Web-to-Print technology solution provider that offers Custom Product Design Software as well as Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions.

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