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All about RV Self Storage and Boat RV Storage

Author: Erik Strock
by Erik Strock
Posted: Aug 28, 2014

What is the importance of a Recreational Vehicle?

Recreational Vehicles which in short are referred to as RVs are those vehicles which provide all the comforts and luxuries like homes while away from homes. These vehicles are very popular in North America.

There are many in different states of America who would love to own their own recreational vehicles for taking a week end break or work while travelling. Doing business while travelling in an RV is convenient as often these RVs come equipped with latest gadgets like a fax machine, a satellite phone and internet connectivity.

Why should owners use A Storage Facility for their RVs?

There are many RV owners who look for a storage facility for their big recreational vehicles as they have insufficient space at the backyard or the driveway in their homes. Moreover there are some owners who even though have adequate space in their premises is reluctant to park their vehicles there.

What Are the Merits of RV Self Storage Facilities?

RV self storage facilities provide several benefits to its clients who are using their storage spaces to park their RVs. These self storage facilities are very well protected as they are surrounded by well protected fences. Storing an RV is much more secured in these self storage facilities when compared to the owner's parking places at their homes, these storage units are monitored by 24×7 surveillance cameras on the storage site. The storage units are also well guarded by trained staffs all through the week, 24 hours a day. Thus these self storage units provide a much safer storage facility than the owner's own storage facility.

There are different types of storage facilities like storage in an open lot, indoor storage or covered storage which the owners of the RVs can take on lease, based on their budget and specific requirements. The owner can pick up his vehicle at any time during the extended access time provided by these facilities. Often, many of these self storage units ensure that these RVs are properly cleaned before they are taken out by their owners.

The availability of wash stations inside these premises take care of the washing part. Other customer friendly services like the availability of the dumping stations ensure the dumping and cleaning of the RVs' holding tanks. These RV self storage units provide well-lit drive away, allowing only the clients to access these sites with their digital access codes to pass through the electric gates.

Boat Recreational Vehicle Storage

There is different kind of storage options like outside, covered and indoor storage made available by many of the providers for the Boat Recreational Vehicles. The measurements for the covered Boat RV Storage are available in different dimensions as the size of the boats might vary. Many of the facilities provide storage of powerboats as well as for sailboats in the outdoors. Many storage units have also come up with enclosed boat RV storage in varying length. Payment of rent or lease can be done through Visa, debit card and Master card. Payment often is made automatic without the need for the clients to write down checks.

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Author: Erik Strock

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