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Best Phone for Gaming in 2020: Razer 2 vs. Asus Rog, Xiaomi Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic Mars

Author: Thomas Glare
by Thomas Glare
Posted: Aug 17, 2020
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Description: A lot of people buy phones for their processors. However, to enjoy a game fully, a customer may feel the need to have a pure gaming phone.

In 2020, with the whole world crashing and burning around us, online gaming is at its peak, and so is the lookout for the best Android phone for gaming. Gaming phones are a very specialized market. Finding the ideal one can be tedious.

Since we like to please our readers, we have removed a lot of your headache by narrowing your options down to 4variations: Asus ROG, Nubia Red Magic Mars, Razer 2, and Xiaomi Black Shark. We took the liberty of testing them out so that you don’t have to.

  1. Phone Specs

Before we start giving our verdict based on our tests, we decided to mention a few critical specs.

  1. The Prices:

Asus ROG: $500

Nubia Red Magic Mars: $399

Razer Phone 2: $800 (now $550)

Xiaomi Black Shark: $407

  1. RAM:

Asus ROG: 8GB

Nubia Red Magic Mars: 8GB

Razer Phone 2: 8GB

Xiaomi Black Shark: 6GB

  1. The Storage:

Asus ROG: 128GB

Nubia Red Magic Mars: 128GB

Razer Phone 2: 64GB

Xiaomi Black Shark: 64GB

  1. The Processors

All the models have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

  1. Our Verdict

Since there are many gaming devices in the market, these four were chosen because they proved to be better than the rest. The best phone for gaming is a title too controversial for us to give away. Hence, we will be handing out titles for what we felt these phones were best at.

  1. BestThe Best Phone for Value: Nubia Red Magic MarsWhile a concept like

    free games no deposit a seems too good to be true, you’d still need a good gaming phone to enjoy it. The Red Magic Mars is a sequel of sorts to the Red Magic released in 2018. It comes packed with an internal storage of 64GB and 6GB worth of RAM. While this variant used to cost $399 when the phone was initially released, nowadays, you can get a variant that has an internal storage of 128GB and 8 GB worth of RAM, which is a significant upgrade to the original cost price of the lower variant.

  2. The phone has a lot of well-thought features to make your gaming experience better, like a new cooling system and a game mode, which is an absolute beast. When you add the low price of the Red Magic Mars to the mix, it makes the phone an absolute steal. However, its screen is not capable of doing justice to all that power, which makes it sort of the other phones we tested.

    1. An Accessory That Sells the Mobile Phone: Xiaomi Black Shark

    As you can probably guess, the Xiaomi Black Shark comes with an accessory that enhances the gaming experience. The device is equipped with a Gamepad that attaches to the phone by sliding onto its end. This is quite literally a joystick that is capable of making an actual difference in the gaming experience of any gaming enthusiast.

    However, just one gamepad on one end of the phone can make it uncomfortable and even a bit lopsided. Therefore, Xiaomi also sells another Gamepad, quite innovatively called the Gamepad 2.0. This turns the phone into something similar to the Switch by Nintendo, where you have two controllers on either side. Some downsides of the phone are the very evident absence of a headphone jack and the plastic used for the Gamepads.

    1. A Gaming Phone Which Extends Beyond Its Name: Razer Phone 2

    This phone’s design is awesome, and the display puts it above the rest. The animations are extremely smooth, even when not gaming, and the graphics are impeccable. The speakers of this phone are loud and do not distort much, making this model a good to buy for people who enjoy music and movies too.

    1. Best Gaming Experience Overall: Asus Rog

    The gaming mode is called the X mode and provides an amazing gaming experience. The phone also comes with a fan accessory, which is detachable, to help with the cooling. This model is also blessed with the best battery life among the four we have tested.


    While we did find the Asus ROG to be a superior phone in most aspects, the other 3 are not pushovers. All the phones have their specialties, which make them sellable. Do you think we left a phone out? Do you agree with our verdicts? Help us know in the comments section down below.

    ROG stands for the Republic of Gamers. This phone provides the best experience, the highest gaming power, and has a design perfectly suited for gamers. It has a high refresh rate for its display and has corners that are sensitive to pressure, acting as additional buttons for games. These corners have been dubbed as AirTriggers.

    This phone also has IP67 water resistance, something that the other three phones don’t have. While the battery life may not be good initially, once you update it to Android 9 (Pie), it improves significantly. The initial cost of $800 may have been deterrent, but its price has fallen significantly, and it is now available for as little as $550.

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