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Fabrication under Aegis of Information Technology

Author: Uday Patel
by Uday Patel
Posted: Aug 23, 2020
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Manufacturing like any other process follows into the footsteps of technology this is an evolutionary aspect of the industrial World. Computerization and programming are part of information technology that drives the industrial World in the contemporary era.

Modern manufacturing is all about cost, time saving and precision. In face of stiff competition the end process or result is indicative of a win or a loss. The cost load and quality outdo competition and that is the aim of all participants. Lower manufacturing cost results from induction of new tools of technology and these very tools lead to a quality and contemporary products. The latter is important as well since the consumer world is driven by trends. Hence what is trending matters and computerization aids in this by making computerized designs. This is possibly by CAD which stands for computer aided design and is driven by programs run by software. The days of pen, pencil and related drawing tools are over the computer engineer now uses CAD to draw a desired object and then store it in the memory. This enables retrieval whenever desired. The flexibility of manipulating lines and graphs accords an immense edge over manually drawings.

Role of Computers

Computers are machines which run on inputs to deliver a desired output. These are software driven using number of programs including the central operating system. Programs which aid in design are highly sophisticated with amazing versatility called Cad and are almost often used in designing products to be manufactured including building components that have to be fabricated in Fab Shops.

Computers have entered the World of manufacturing by aiding the process using high precision programs and timing tools. This has also automated process reducing the demand for man power thus bringing the cost down.

Although computerization entered in during World War II for military purpose. it is well into commercial world as well in the contemporary era. The evolution of languages and the thus the programming methodology has changed the industrial paradigm as to how things are made in units.

Computerized Fabrication

Even in simplest form processes are powered by induction of computer programs that enable resource saving automation and accord high precision to the end products. This phenomenon is referred to as CAM or computer aided manufacturing. The whole process may involve many subsets of computerized tools depending much upon the complexity of operations. The tools are usually flexible manufacturing systems, robots and embedded programs which collectively execute the processes with minimal human interventions.

Flexible manufacturing begins right from the stage of white board whence a concept is laid. It then proceeds quickly to design and intermediate process. Then it ends in a quality building component or accessory saving time and labor.

The machines in high precision fab shops are powered by software programs. This is an integrated setup which aids the steps involved in fabrication but underneath it is automation at work. The results are fantastic and the economy is fabulous.

Units which have modernized are benefiting greatly. In the modern times steel fabrication is undergoing a sea change. Keeping in tandem with technology upgrades is a calculated strategy to outdo competitors and at the same time create low cost high precision building components.

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Uday writes often on Indian wildlife especially about the tigers. He works as a naturalist and is fond of travel. Uday also provides search engine optimization service and website contents in English.

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