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Canada Family Immigration Visa – The Best Way to Reunite with Your Beloved Family Easily

Author: Yogesh Shukla
by Yogesh Shukla
Posted: Oct 13, 2020

Missing your parents, grandparents, cousins, NIECES or nephews in maple country and want to reunite with them? If you’re a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, you can sponsor certain family members with the help of the FAMILY SPONSORSHIP CANADA and help them become the permanent residents of maple country. Always keep in mind that if you’re sponsoring your family members to become permanent residents, you need to be financially stable to support your family.

A big thanks to the Canadian Government who understands the value of family in one’s life. That’s the only reason it has introduced certain programs such as CANADA SPOUSE VISA, CANADA FAMILY IMMIGRATION VISA that can help you live the best days of your life with your loved ones without any fuss.

For any type of FAMILY SPONSORSHIP CANADA, you need to fulfil certain eligibility requirements such as:

  • You need to be at least 18 years of age
  • You need to be financially stable to support your family
  • You must be either a Permanent Citizen who’s not under removal orders, a Canadian Citizen or are registered as an Indian under the Indian Act.
  • You must be physically residing in Canada
  • You must have a clean criminal record and no serious offences

After meeting the above basic requirements, there are certain other factors that play a vital role in the decision making process and results of your Canada Family Immigration Visa. You cannot sponsor your family if:

  • You have outstanding debts that you need to pay to the Canadian Government
  • You are in a receipt of a social and welfare assistance (not related to your disability)
  • You have Sponsored someone earlier and failed to do so because of financial instability or any other reasons
  • You are behind the bars with some serious criminal offences

Can You Sponsor Anyone with the CANADA FAMILY IMMIGRATION VISA?

Yes Almost anyone! You can sponsor anyone who’s your relative (only related by birth or adoption). But you need to make sure that your family meets the eligibility criteria. You can sponsor your spouse with the help of CANADA SPOUSE VISA and live the best days of your life with your partner. Canada has many options when it comes to sponsoring your relatives with the help of FAMILY SPONSORSHIP CANADA.

  • Siblings Sponsorship

With this you can sponsor your Niece, Nephew, sibling or grandchildren, however make sure that they must be 18 years of age and are connected to you by blood or by adoption.

  • Relatives

You can sponsor any of your relatives who is connected with you either by blood or by adoption. No age or gender requirement, but there are two requirements that needs to be fulfilled such as:

  1. You have no other relative like a parent, spouse or sibling that you can sponsor
  2. The person whom you want to sponsor via FAMILY SPONSORSHIP CANADAhas no relatives residing in the maple country as a permanent resident, a citizen or a registered Indian.
  • Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

It is entirely related to sponsoring your parents or grandparents to become permanent residents and citizens of Canada. So, if you want to reunite with your parents and grandparents, you can apply now for this sponsorship under the CANADA FAMILY IMMIGRATION VISA and spend your entire life with them that in your dream destination.

  • Spousal Sponsorship

Finally, with the help of CANADA SPOUSE VISA, you can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner without any hassle. You need to adhere to the strict rules and guidelines if you want to invite your spouse to live permanently in Canada. Also, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements that are mentioned above.

What are Your Basic Responsibilities as a Sponsor?

When you decide to sponsor someone, your responsibility does not end with the submission of the application form. Moreover, by sponsoring someone via the CANADA FAMILY IMMIGRATION VISA, you’re agreeing to support them financially up to a period of 20 years, providing basic amenities such as food, shelter, clothing and medical and healthcare expenses.

So, if you meet the basic requirements, you can invite your family to come and live the best days of your life in the beautiful paradise. Make a smart move and choose the best ways to bring your families together in the maple country so that you can live the best moments of your life with them. Good Luck!

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