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Why You Should Make Time to Read: And How!

Author: Jennifer Kropf
by Jennifer Kropf
Posted: Dec 07, 2020
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Your schedule is jam-packed. And you're busier than ever. Aren't we all?

But as always, it's worth it to consider what you're busy AT.

So, if you haven't picked up a book in a while, or if you wish you could read more, understand that you're missing out on so many great opportunities for your life.

Let's start with just a few reasons you should be making reading a priority.

The Benefits of Reading

You may already know that reading is an amazing escape, and there's a lot to be learned from a good book. But there are so many more perks than meet the eye.

According to, reading helps you develop empathy, strengthens your brains, and even lengthens your lifespan. If you're depressed, stressed, or having trouble sleeping, it can help with that too.

It seems there's not much that reading can't do! But HOW do we find time for books when our schedule is already packed?

It's easier than you think with a few simple steps.

How to Get More Reading TimeAdd it to Your Daily Routine

First, morning and evenings are the easiest way to read more, and it's best to sandwich a bit of reading between habits that you already do. If you have ten minutes between brushing your teeth and heading off to work, fitting a few pages in won't seem like much of a change.

So, consider your existing routines, and pinpoint when you may have a few minutes of dead time that are usually spent on your phone or idling.

Pick Books That You Love or That Stretch You

Make reading exciting! Your time with books should be something you look forward to, not just another chore. So, sit down with a book that makes you happy.

And if you get halfway through and don't like it? Put it down and pick something new up. No one ever said you have to finish every book you read.

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Schedule it in

Next, remember that what gets scheduled gets done. So, use the printable below and write down exactly when, where, and for how long you'll read in the next week. After this step, you'll have no problem following through.

Set a Goal

Finally, figure out what will motivate you to read more and make it happen. Perhaps that's one book a month or one a week. If you have a clear goal and plan to make it happen, there's nothing stopping you from doubling your reading time.

Need even more incentive? Come up with a reward for when you hit your reading goal! Perhaps you treat yourself to a spa day or great cup of coffee once you've mastered the art of finding reading time.

In Conclusion

Reading is not just for those with a lot of time on their hands. It benefits us all and expands our horizons.

So, pick up a good book today!

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Jenn writes at her blog She’s a mom of three looking to learn and grow. Check it out if you love helpful tips on health, family, and personal growth.

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