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How AWS virtual private cloud Works?

Author: Reena Walia
by Reena Walia
Posted: Dec 23, 2020
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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud gives you the provision of AWS cloud where you can launch your AWS resources in a virtual network that you describe. You will be having complete control over the virtual networking environment where you can control and manage your own IP address ranges, subnets creations, and configure route tables and your network gateways. Your Virtual Private Control environment will give you access to both IPv4 and IPv6 for securing and accessing your resources and programs as and when required.

What VPC has to offer you?

Your VPC will provide you an environment to customize your network configuration, for example, you can easily create a new public subnet for your web servers that are connected with the internet. It allows you to create your backend systems like databases or application servers, on the private subnet which is not connected with the internet. By using network access control lists and security groups you can use multiple layers of security to control your Amazon EC2 in each subnet.

There are a number of benefits of using AWS virtual private cloud but the most common included are:

  • It is Secure to Use: Amazon VPC offers advanced-level security features, for instance, the network access control lists and security groups which offer you to filter the inbound and outbound at the subnet and instance level. In further, you can store data on Amazon S3 and restrict its access by applying securities so that it can only be accessible from the instances present in your own VPC. For additional security, you can easily create dedicated instances which are no physically connected with other AWS accounts at the hardware level.
  • Simple to Understand: The VPC Management Console offers you a simple and easy to understand the environment to create a VPC. Everything is well mentioned and provided in easy to understand language. Therefore, you can easily configure and control the automatically created subnets, route tables, IP ranges, and security groups. It will be taking very little time to setup and manages the whole applications and programs to run on your VPC.
  • Easy to Customize:
AWS virtual private cloud offers you easy to manage the environment in a matter of minutes. You will have the full access to control and manage things in the manner you want. You will have full freedom of creating subnets, selecting your own IP address range, and configuring the route tables and network gateways in a manner you want. Also, you can customize the network configuration, by creating a public-facing subnet for your web servers that are connected with the internet; while on the other hand, you can create your backend systems including databases and application servers in a private-facing subnet that is offline or have no internet access.

What are the Benefits of using AWS Virtual Public Cloud services?

There are number of benefits of using AWS virtual private cloud service but the most common are including:

  • Host a simple website: you can easily host your own public-faced website or a blog in a VPC which will offer you multiple layers of security to make it secure from the hacking. Then mentioned security group rules will easily let you know the level and purposes of the security, for example, if you want to allow or restrict the inbound and outbound responses. To apply this, you have to select the facility – "VPC with Single Public Subnet Only" from your VPC console wizard.
  • Host multi-tier web applications: To launch multi-tier web applications you can strictly restrict the access between your web servers, databases and application servers. You can launch web servers in public-faced subnet while running your databases and application servers in private subnets, to maintain the security of database and application servers as they cannot be directly accessed from the internet.
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