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Things To Consider While Buying Outdoor Golf Clocks For Your Exclusive Green

Author: John Adams
by John Adams
Posted: Feb 26, 2021

While choosing clocks for your golf greens you have to consider many things before arriving at a decision or choice. The first thing you will consider is the type of activities that take place on the ground and second, the vastness of the golf course. The following have to be considered when deciding on the outdoor golf clocks:

  • Golf course covers a total of 18 holes which would mean covering lots of acres or hectares. Each hole may need 3 or 4 clocks of different type such as regular time clocks and pace-of-play clocks.
  • Electricity or power is the other consideration that you will take into account because it may be difficult for you to install electric cables either underground or over the ground.
  • Elegance is the third consideration, and you will need elegant looking time clocks to match with the ambience of the majestic looking golf course
  • You should also consider whether you want analog time clocks or digital. Analog clocks exude elegance while digital clocks will be brightly visible even after dark.
  • You will have to decide on 3 types of golf clocks namely clubhouse clocks, golf course post clocks and pace-of-play clocks. All are important for the running of golf play and they should be accurately providing time, so no disputes arrives regarding time and play is conducted within the stipulated time
  • Post clocks of Rolex models and Victorian or Edwardian clocks are classic choices as they fluently merge with the magnificence of the sprawling green carpet. You will need clocks that will club with the golf course theme and carve an identity that is unique.

PA systems that will connect without wires are ideal for big establishments

PA system is another requisite for huge establishments like schools, colleges, factory units and golf grounds. Communication is important for these establishments because they are dealing with hundreds of people under-one-roof which is huge. A school with its hundreds of classrooms will require to individually communicating with them. The same goes to a warehouse or factory unit with several work stations and sections. The latest time technology finds resolve for these requirements and have come up with Wireless PA system which can be deployed throughout school corridors or factory units without the need of cables for carrying audio signals. The system will need your Wi-Fi network to broadcast messages, and also enable talk-back or 2-way speaking intercom systems. these speakers can be installed in the most inaccessible places and outdoors to carry on flawless communication.

You simply cannot install cables by digging all over or erecting poles all to specifically supply power to the clocks. Latest technology is advanced and a golf course can now buy solar powered clocks for the green which won’t need electric cables. The same is applicable to pace-of-play clocks that remind players of remaining time after players tee off. Elegant looking club house clocks can be installed either on top of the club or in front on a pedestal. All these clocks come with GPS technology hence won’t need time sync by hand.

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