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Cook Islands - The Paradise on Earth

Author: Garry Thompson
by Garry Thompson
Posted: Mar 21, 2021
cook islands

The Cook Islands is a group of picturesque self-governing Polynesian islands in the South Pacific Ocean. These traditional islands have quiet unexplored sugar-white beaches, a prominent café culture, burgeoning sea-food scenes, and a robust contemporary lifestyle. The archipelago is surrounded by turquoise and tranquil blue waters and is undoubtedly one of the most scenic jewels of the Pacific.

Places to Visit Cook Islands

There are lot many places to visit in the Cook Islands but you cannot miss out on these places on your exclusive Cook Island Holidays.

Aitutaki Lagoon: The second most visited island of Cooks, Aitutaki is one of the most stunning lagoons of South Pacific. The island glows in shades of turquoise. It is famous for bonefishing and kayaking. It is surrounded by tiny islets one of which is called the Honeymoon Island. There are plush resorts which perched on the waters of the lagoon. You can pay a visit to the Arutanga church here; it is a calm church with gothic architecture.

Muri Beach: This is a beautiful part of the Rarotonga island of the Cook Islands. Rarotonga is encircled by a flame-orange hued coral reef. The beach is trimmed by sparkling sapphire waters, which makes it no less than a fairyland. The glorious beach is best for long walks, snorkelling, etc. It is lined by palms. There are restaurants nearby where you can taste some scrumptious sea-food and you will find shops selling some of the finest conches and shells.

Cross Island Track: This is a hiking trail via Te Rua Manga. The walking trail passes through some of the most beautiful scenic views of the island. The trail is surrounded by lush green foliage. The picturesque all around is extremely beautiful. One can spot the Wigmore’s waterfall here. Be extremely careful while hiking on the trail as it is quite slippery and wear adequate shoes. Do carry plenty of drinking water and mosquito repellent as no shops are present on the trail. There are guides available for trekking here.

Te Vara Nui Village: This is the perfect place to learn about the history of the islands. This traditional village speaks a lot about the culture and traditions of the place. There are cultural performances which through dance and songs depicts the stories and history of the islands. There are restaurants which will serve you the authentic Cook Island delicacies.

Marie Nui Tropical Gardens: This garden is situated in Rarotonga at a short distance from the Titikaveka Beach. It is a delightful organic garden with vibrant flora. It is filled with tropical flowers and is a perfect place for strolls. You can find hibiscus, lily top ponds, and wild gingers flourishing here. You can smell the sweet fragrance of tropical flowers throughout the garden.

Marine and Wildlife Eco-Centre: This is a small museum which is full of marine creatures of the Cook Islands. There are coconut crabs, deadly stonefish, hermit crabs, blue sea star, baby turtles, etc. There are fascinating stories of shipwrecks which you can learn by visiting this museum.

Cuisine of Cook Islands

The tiny Cook Islands have a distinct Polynesian culture and boasts of amazing culinary delights. Since it is situated in the tropics, a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetables are available here in abundance. Banana and coconut are used extensively in cooking. Papaya, cassava, taro, breadfruit starfruit, etc are also used a lot. Fresh yellow finned tuna fish dishes are popular. Other seafood delicacies are also extensively consumed. The food here is fresh, simple and full of flavours.

How to Reach the Cook Islands?

Air travel is the best way to reach the Cook Islands. Rarotonga International Airport is the main international airport in the Cook Islands. Other islands are connected to Rarotonga. Cargo ships run between the islands according to fixed timetables.

Best Time to Visit the Cook Islands

Cook Island enjoys a warm tropical climate. It does rain often in the islands. It is an all-year-round destination. The best time to visit the Cook Islands is during the months of June to August. During the Christmas and New Year time, the island enjoys a cold pleasant climate and is generally packed up with tourists.

This Polynesian islands, steeped in history and characterized by sublime lagoons, sparkling waters, sugary beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine, are any traveller’s dream destination. Explore the place with the Cook Island Holiday Packages. This tiny archipelago has much to offer. With calming and heavenly scenic views, the island is no less than a paradise.

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