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Edge computing and its importance in our today’s world

Author: Kevin Jewell
by Kevin Jewell
Posted: Apr 04, 2021
Every corporation or organization possesses a small or large amount of data. Sometimes they need to collect customer data while sometimes they need to handle their employee's data. With the bombardment of IoT (Internet of things) devices on the world, the form and structure of data have also been changed a lot. But the fundamental concept of technology is still the same which is storing and retrieving the data using several ways. Either you are using a security camera at your office or storing personal information of your client or employees, you always require some storage for that. The introduction of the cloud has resolved the problem but also brought some drawbacks to it. But many problems got resolved when edge computing step in. Mobile edge computing has reduced many common problems that the users need to face using clouds. Edge Computing VS Cloud Computing to understand their importance · Cloud computing provides the facility to store data at a centralized save location far beyond your access point. Compared to it Edge computing provides a storage facility at the desired location. · As cloud’s data is stored at far locations even in other regions, it takes some time to transfer data between cloud servers and your devices or applications. But Edge computing facilitates by providing fast access as it has to transfer data at the shortest distance. · Cloud computing use some centralized storage locations to deal with data from different clients and devices. Compared to it, Edge computing facilitates the required IoT devices. The major benefit of this approach is the security of data. The data cannot be mixed up with others due to some malfunctioning of the server. · Edge Computing is also preferable to Cloud Computing to save money. Cloud services are highly paid so many companies having low budget prefer to save their data locally which require one-time investment. Modifications can also be done easily as per requirement. Best usage and example of Edge Computing · Edge Computing has a great effect on our society. The following are some real edge computing examples. · Edge Computing has now been implemented on autonomous vehicles. Edge Computing make it possible to reduce the number of drivers because of mutual communication between vehicles. The sensors of IoT device sense the conditions of road and speed and send data to another vehicle. · Monitoring of Oil and Gas reserves and assets are now possible with Edge Computing. This approach has saved us from disastrous conditions. · Edge Computing has also become helpful in hospitals for patient monitoring. The sensors continuously notice the patient health conditions like glucose level, heart rate or blood pressure. Then send the details in the form of notifications. Conclusion Either it is cloud or edge both has its own benefits and drawbacks. The preference depends upon the requirements. If you need the fastest access and high speed to transfer data then Edge computing is best for you. As compared to it if you cannot handle daily data centre functionalities or have no proper sources you can rely on cloud services
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