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Top 10 Most Played Friv Games

Author: Sara Falcone
by Sara Falcone
Posted: Sep 28, 2014
rogue soul

1. Quantum Zombies

In this game, the zombies have invaded your city. Your mission is to help our hero to save the city from the creatures. Kill zombies and collect the gold coins to upgrade your weapons.

Play Quantum Zombies

2. Kung Fu Grandpa

In this game of skill and martial arts, our hero will face many dangerous enemies. It is an old man, but with so many skills of self defense. Let's see if it will succeed to fight alone against his enemies.

Play Kung Fu Grandpa

3. Thing Thing Arena 3

Create the desired character and then eliminate all the enemies that appear in your way. Collect all the weapons that you find and try to survive as long.

Play Thing Thing Arena 3

4. Crazy Zombie 3

The zombies are coming to the city with the intention of destroying everything. Choose your warrior and start the attack against all the hordes of zombies. Kill the zombies as fast as possible and bring back peace in the city.

Play Crazy Zombie 3

5. Dead Zone Shooter

Start a new and dangerous mission in the area with many terrorists. Be quick and clever to pull the trigger to shoot all the enemies in the battlefield.

Play Dead Zone Shooter

6. Sports Heads Football Championship 2014 - 2015

This game is back with an update of players and a league. You have to win every game to be the new champion.

Play Heads Football Championship 2014 - 2015

7. Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 is a platform game in which you must help a thief to steal the treasures of the city. Run through the city and steal money and valuables.

Play Rogue Soul 2

8. Gift Rush 3

In the third part of this physics puzzle game and your mission is to help the spider to reach his children. He uses his spider web in the right places and use it to avoid obstacles on the road.

Play Gift Rush 3

9. Blob's Story 2

The objective in the second half of the game blob's story is to help your character to reach his girlfriend. Collect the flowers along the way and solve all puzzles.

Play Blob's Story 2

10. Infectonator Survivors

There are only four survivors now have to destroy all the monsters zombies and ghosts. You must be very careful and fast because it is a terrible and brutal fight.

Play Infectonator Survivors

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Through this article I have presented a list of the top 10 most played friv games of september.

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Author: Sara Falcone
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