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The Latest Semiconductor Chip From AMD Has Broken Another Global Record

Author: Rosy Martin
by Rosy Martin
Posted: Jun 03, 2021

The new chip model from AMD known as "AMD RX 6900XT" is turning all the eyeballs with a frequency of 3.3 GHz. Some reports suggest that the chip has smashed a world record. But, the fact is that it is not the end of it. The chip, also called "RDNA2," still has a lot to offer, and the general opinion says that it is still far away from realizing its true potential.

Yes, there was a general belief and a world that only a certain maximum frequency value can be obtained on Graphics Processing Unit; however, a chip model from the AMD designated "Radeon RX 6900XT " has yet again broken this record comprehensively. An Overclocking group "OGS" (an acronym for Overclocked Gaming System) attained a staggering frequency number of 3.3 GHz available out of the 6900XT, and it can be firmly established that the model is currently a Graphics Processing Unit in the world with liquid nitrogen. Now, you may like to know about the previous record. Well, first of all, it was held by the company OCer Der8auer with the powerful model called "Powerful Red Devil Ultimate RX 6900XT GPU. The world record was established when the model had clocked a whopping 3.2 GHz Graphics Processing Unit frequency.

The world record was established when Overclocked Gaming System of 6900XT was put to the test by a game called "Fire Strike Extreme," where the Graphics Processing Unit model was able to conjure up a score close to 38,000 (precisely, 37,618 points). If you think about it, it is an unfathomable score for a solitary Graphics Processing Unit, and to surpass the number, you would have to employ multiple Graphics Processing Units in the absence of liquid nitrogen.

Now, coming back towards the world record, it is a staggering achievement, and all credit should be given to AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). The chip model in the spotlight, "AMD RX 6900XT" also dubbed as "RDNA2 GPUs" is actually a creation of AMD’s subsidiary called TSMC (an acronym for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), and they are the very company that conjures up every design associated with Apple and AMD, and in the past, they have also created and developed Nvidia Graphic Processing Unit as well. In recent times, they have also been hired by Intel to develop chips for them, and it is safe to say that they are top-rated, if not the best, contract foundry present in the entire world. 3.3 GHz was no easy feat to attain with or without liquid nitrogen, and all the people involved should be commended. However, people who have been following all the developments related to AMD would know that when the company first unveiled the RX 6000 series chips, the speeds were already clocking well above 2.5 GHz, and some had speculated around that time as well that the world record was inevitable. And such is the technological prowess of the RX 6000 series that Nvidia’s creation Ampere GPU cannot come close to the frequency easily achieved by the former. In the present scenario, without liquid nitrogen, or shall we say the presence of exotic cooling, it would be impossible for the Ampere GPU models from Nvidia to even exceed 2000 GHz.

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