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Pocket7Games or Skillz: which one is better to play?

Author: Abdul Rauf Khal'id
by Abdul Rauf Khal'id
Posted: Aug 27, 2021
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I'm still searching for fresh and interesting games to practice as an enthusiastic gamer. I decided to check out Skillz, which is a competition of Pocket7Games because I had a good time while playing their cash games based on skills. I thought they were possibly pretty similar, so why not give it a try?

I accessed Skillz after installing it and was instantly puzzled. The real Skillz application didn't seem to have any games in it. It just began diverting me to a platform where I could install a slew of other games. I later found that Skillz didn't have any games; I'd get to go to every game's page and install each one separately. This seemed absurd to me after practicing Pocket7Games and getting all of the games at a single application without downloading something else.

The gap in the start screen among the applications was another thing I found. Skillz was a mess of various items, making it incredibly challenging to find out what was going on. None of the keys or displays had some sort of guidance or description. The application was extremely tough to operate, and the menus were almost meaningless. I was amazed at how much of a disaster the application was. A review of Pocket7Games and Skillz can be found below. The difference among both apps is clear.

The home screen of Pocket7Games is quite clear and easy to navigate, whereas Skillz appears to be a complete mess without any clarity or explanation. The reality is that almost every button you press in the Skillz Application that takes you to the play store or a website is very annoying and irritating. What good is it to have an application if you can't do something on it?

The events and prizes provided by the applications were the next elements I looked into. Skillz had a fair number of matches happening on, with some good cash rewards, but it seemed that most of the events needed money to join. This is distinct from Pocket7Games as there are both tickets and money tournaments. I wasn't really a supporter of this restricted format because I prefer playing games for free instead of having to pay actual cash.

Every application's cash games that are based on skills were very similar, but Skillz appeared to have a larger range. However, unlike Pocket7Games, where all of the games are comfortably placed in a single application, you must practically install any game you would like to play.

Overall, the interaction with Skillz was frustrating and unexciting. The software appeared to be overly complicated, and without installing the games separately, it is absolutely useless. It did have a decent number of games and competitions that provided the chance to win actual cash, but the promotions were on average, and Pocket7Games provide more good promotions as compare to Skillz.

Pocket7Games has a far more attractive and user-friendly style, and the software is generally more comfortable to use. Although Skillz has a large range of games that can be practiced for prize money, Pocket7Games' optimized design makes it convenient to use and offer the best experience.

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