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What are the Health Benefits of Playing Cricket?

Author: Criconet Coaching
by Criconet Coaching
Posted: Sep 26, 2021

Cricket is one of the most fantasy sports in the world. More than being a sport, cricket is considered to be a religion by many people. It is popular among people of all ages and there are no gender or age constraints to it. The spectators who are watching consider it to be a sport of self-esteem. More than that, it takes a lot of courage, strength and excellent health and wellbeing for the cricket player to stand and handle the pressure of the opposing team on the ground. Whether it is an international player or a gully boy playing cricket always charge up the person being a sportsman or in personal life. Playing cricket is similar to exercising. It fills the person with energy and prosperity. Here are some of the highlighted health benefits of playing cricket:

  • Keeps Heart Healthy: While playing cricket, it is very important for players to do sprints, running and exercises that can increase the beating rate of the heart. Which increases the flow of blood, the body detoxifies itself and more oxygen reaches to the lungs and to the whole body. It makes the brain more focused and improves circulation of blood.
  • Strengthens Muscles: While doing cricket coaching drills, a player needs to be very accurate while taking runs or catching wickets. Body muscles need to be very flexible and strong so the muscles do not get strain while doing any activity.
  • Makes a Balanced Body: Playing cricket helps in shaping the body in a perfect way and makes the body balanced so that it can work in any direction and the body can get flexibility.
  • Increase Flexibility: Bowling, fielding are short term activities taken in the cricket ground. It increases the flexibility of arms and thus aligns the muscle in the right direction and lengthens them. Bringing flexibility to the muscles helps in improving efficiency and helps the player to deliver results in the right form.
  • Mental Stability: Playing cricket helps in improving the mental health of the player so they can focus on one thing at a time and make decisions based on the scenario. Having a stable mind helps to make effective steps in your life and have a life free of stress. It also helps players to have clear acceptance to the terms of the games and accept defeat as well. Importance of mental health while playing helps the player to take actions according to the situation.

Boosts Self Confidence: Playing sports helps in building your morale and boosts your self esteem. It helps you take sudden actions in difficult situations and lead the team in the right way. Keeping a positive mindset will result in the right way and motivates other players as well.

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