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RTF to PDF Converter - Top 5 benefits of using PDF format for business

Author: Sub Systems
by Sub Systems
Posted: Oct 08, 2021

PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed in the year 1990 for easily sharing documents between different computers and operating systems in any part of the world. It’s a beneficial format, especially for businesses that use it to maintain customer records, invoice clients, send memos, and a whole lot more. If your document is in rich text format with precious information that you want to share online, consider converting it into PDF using a reliable RTF to PDF converter. While RTF is an editable format, sending the document in this format is generally considered not a good idea due to many security concerns. Not only this, there are several other advantages of using PDF format. Read this article to know those advantages.

Format Maintained Throughout

One of the biggest problems that emerge when you share documents created with a word processor is that the formatting structure changes when the file is opened on another computer. Not only this, if the file has any graph or image in it, then altering the format of the document can corrupt the image as well as create confusion.

On the other hand, PDF does not have this problem. You can rest assured that there’s no chance of the formatting getting changed, which means the document will always look exactly the same as when it was created. Another great benefit is that PDF format is an ideal choice for sending documents that are required to be printed without making any change in the format.

Universal Format

The PDF format is universal, which means it is widely accepted and used around the world for different purposes. It is a format that is easy to view and pretty straightforward to share. It doesn’t matter to whom you are sending the file in any corner of the world, the format always stays the same. It is undoubtedly one of the safest choices for sharing files.

Small File Size

Comparing with most of the other formats, the PDF format has the massive advantage of compressing high-quality files to relatively small file sizes without damaging the quality of the files. This means the format is perfect for saving space, especially for those companies that are working with limited storage resources.

File Safety And Security

Usually, in the business world, every company has some confidential and private documents, and the need to secure those documents should be the priority. In order to protect files from harmful activities, the PDF format offers high-security features such as password protection of the files using 40-bit and 128-bit encryption. With encryption, the users can decide who can open their documents and what actions they are allowed to perform – for example, they can read but not edit. Additionally, it also allows you to protect the document using the feature of Watermark.

Long-lasting Format

As you know, technology moves quickly, but PDFs are here to stay for a long time. It is one of the most popular file formats that has been appreciated globally and is used by numerous governments at all levels, including federal. So you can feel confident that creating an alternative for PDF is not going to happen anytime soon. Therefore, investing funds in PDF software is one of the smart and best decisions that an owner of any organization can take.

In Conclusion

Sub Systems provides you with a tool specifically designed to help you convert RTF files to PDF - very easily using a very reliable RTF to PDF converter. The converter is simple to use and accessible on all platforms that lets you convert to PDF format with just one click. It also has various advanced features to help you create and edit PDF documents. To know more, visit the site today

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Sub Systems offers different types of tools that are highly useful for converting documents just in the click of a mouse. They are useful for day to day business use as well.

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