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The Advantages of AdWords Auction Insights for Monitoring Mobile

Author: Allison Kemmer
by Allison Kemmer
Posted: Oct 30, 2014

The AdWords Auction insight report is an incredibly powerful and often underutilized marketing tool. Using AdWords Auction insight reports are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends, as well as to compare how one stacks up against the competition. With recent trends showing an increasing importance on mobile search, it’s a great way to see what you need to work on. The report provides a variety of useful metrics that give concrete data on your own ads, as well as those of competitors in the same auctions.

Consisting of data that reflects performance across the auctions you participate in, the AdWords Auction insight report is a great way to compare, contrast, and hone marketing campaigns. These metrics quickly show what efforts work and do not work, giving invaluable data for streamlining marketing efforts.

Here are some of the important metrics measured in the AdWords Auction insight report.

Overlap Rates

This metric shows how often you and your competitors show up in the same auction for keywords. Say, for example, one's overlap rate is 75%. This means that 75% of the time your ads and your competitor ads are showing up as well.

Top of Page Rate

On Google, ads shown at the top of the page are those paid ads that appear above the free search engine results. This metric shows you the percentage of that one of your competitors appears at the top of the page.

Average Position

This metric shows where ads rank relative to competitors in the same auction. The average rank corresponds to the position one's ad appears in when displayed.

Position Above Rate

This metric allows you to see the percentage of time that a competitor’s ad ranks higher than you for the same search results.

Impression Share

This statistic is the result of the number of impressions actually received divided by the number of impressions one's as was eligible for. Data for this metric is also available for one's competitors within the same ad auction. The number of impressions an ad is eligible for will depend on a number of variables from ad quality and other settings.

Using the AdWords Auction insights report is a great way to stay current on the efforts of competitors, and how those efforts stack up against one's own. These metrics provide relevant and useful data that can greatly aid in increasing the effectiveness of marketing and ad campaigns. Using these metrics makes it easy to keep up-to-date on the latest trends as well. With a big shift towards mobile search, this is a great way to consider some steps to take to be competitive in mobile targeting.

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