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Shree limitless opportunity | shree cryptocurrency | blockchain based bank

Author: Shree Hq
by Shree Hq
Posted: Nov 25, 2021
digital currency

"SHREE" is the best cryptocurrency coin and token for selling and buying in cryptocurrency platforms. It accepts BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, RIPPLE, LITECOIN, and DOGECOIN currencies. Expected to add more currencies in the future. SHREE is a completely blockchain-based bank. No one hacks it and no one edits it because it is completely blockchain-based platform. It maintaining its own website (

Presently SHREE coin is available in KOINBAZAR, VINDAX, and in SHREE WALLET APP(

Governance nuances for.

  • Ayurvedic Healthcare System Development
  • Ancient and innovative Education platforms creative
  • Insurance over digital trade and general insurance
  • Cross-border trade
  • Consulting on technology innovations
  • R&D in various sectors.

SHREE is providing its own mobile application developed by them only. It features in

app cryptocurrency conversions, cryptocurrency transfers, and an option to lock/unlock the

debit card.

SHREE Wishes to offer one such system. SHREE provides a debit card for cryptocurrencies

  • Easy to use
  • Crypto to Fiat
  • Blockchain-Based Banking App
  • Loans
  • No more expensive fees

What is SHREE IEO & Pre Sale?

SHREE token is Fuel to SHREE Token System. You can Buy SHREE in pre Sale on

pancake Swap Exchange and Participate in IEO on Centralized Exchange.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

You can use BNB to Buy SHREE token on pancake Swap and you can use BTC and

USDT to participate in IEO.

How do I get my Tokens in IEO?

Once the IEO period is launched, You can purchase Token with Ethereum,

Bitcoin, or Credit Card Too. After completing the IEO token will be

distributed by the associated platform.

Using SHREE native off-chain technology. It gives you more you want-

  • Payment system
  • Crypto exchange
  • Crypto wallet
  • SHREE mobile banking app


  1. Download Trust Wallet from Apple Store or Play store. Register with Trust Wallet and safely secure your recovery keys.
  2. Go to Upside two dots and line section. Scroll down and click on + Add custom


  1. Select Smart Chain (BNB) network instead of Ethereum. Pkluytfgyihpo;[ío0y7rfup0ii8yutguoypou[p0ui Copy and paste the link over there.
  2. Type SHREE in Name and Symbol Columns Accordingly. Type 18 in the Decimal column.

Now you can see SHREE (BEP20) Tokens in your wallet. Enjoy and Earn your SHREE

Tokens. Download the app from the play store


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a currency But, it is not a physical currency but, we can change this currency as a physical currency. Cryptocurrency is completely digital currency and investing in some different crypto coins and tokens. In the year of

2009 "BITCOIN" is The First introduced cryptocurrency. (

Simply say Cryptocurrency is a digital currency for investors. Some examples of cryptocurrencies are BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, RIPPLE, DOGECOIN, SHREE, etcetera. Most of the cryptocurrency models are there. Nowadays Cryptocurrency is a Boom platform and digital currency platform. It is investing and trading on the currency exchange process. Some cryptocurrency platforms are charged for digital currency to bank currency.

Simply Example for cryptocurrency:

In ancient days no money is required for everyone in that situation they are managed with products and a food exchange system. Like that they are living without money. They are living with only an exchange system.

In the same way, Nowadays cryptocurrency is used to exchange digital currency with the help of digital coins and tokens. If we want we can transform that

digital currency(cryptocurrency) to fiat currency. Sometimes With the help of

cryptocurrency platforms we should get more profits and offers. Cryptocurrency is

used to:

  • Investing and trading currency with cryptocurrency
  • Transfer cryptocurrency to fiat currency
  • Pay school fees
  • Generate E-billing
  • Improves our profit etcetera.

What is Blockchain?

Once we observe the word of blockchain meaning is in that only. The block of chain system. But, that chain system is a combination of information that ( information is shared to every system in the blockchain. So, that is the reason no one cannot hack it and no one cannot edit it. If anyone trying to edit or hack, that edit data or information doesn’t match with before stored data. So, Blockchain is a very Secured and trusted platform. I agree to one thing is Every cryptocurrency is not a blockchain model. Select and invest in Blockchain-based bank only.

Blockchain is nothing but a Huge folder like google documents. The group of public folders cannot change by any other because that is public to everyone. Once we send the data or information to everyone. Then, if someone trying to change the data, that data or information cannot change or give misuse warning.

Mostly the blockchain-based system is used for complete security purposes. Like, in this secured information is like public information its means the secured information is connected to everyone in the chain system of blockchain. If we want to change the data or information then before shared data should match with current data or information. This is the most common blockchain-based system for secured data.

The blockchain system helps from more ways like:

  • Save from fraud
  • Save from corruption
  • Save from education certification and available seats
  • Save from Agricultural spends
  • Save from government bills
  • E-billing
  • Digital taxes
  • Digital transactions …. Etcetera.

The blockchain concept is coming from a group of people in the year 1991. And

again Blockchain process is implemented in By Bitcoin person By "Satoshi

Nakamoto" in the year of 2009. Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger.

The Blockchain works with Blocks(nodes or data). The blockchain is categorized

into 3 blocks of data protection.

  1. Data
  2. Hash
  3. Hash of the previous block.

The blockchain is completely running with the above factors like, Someone wants to create the data or block, that block is sent to everyone in the blockchain.

Likewise created the blockchain. And again anyone wants to change their data, that data is matched with previously stored data.

For Example:

1.Hash: 1Z8F 2.Hash: 6BQ1 3.Hash: 3H4Q

0.Previous Hash: 0000 1.Previous Hash: 1Z8F 2.Previous Hash: 6BQ1

In the above example, The 1st Hash Id is stored in the previous Hash of 1, The 2nd Hash Id is stored in the Previous Hash of 2. Likewise, every Hash Id is stored in Previous Hash. The 0th Previous Hash means Genesis Block. This way the blockchain is formed with Data, Hash, and Previous Hash. Here Hash is a unique and secured key. If some want to change the data, that does not possible. Because once Block or data is created that block is in every block, and Hash id and Previous Hash don’t match. If a chance to edit like, Every Hash data need to change. That is not possible. So, Blockchain-based systems and platforms are very secure compared to any security.

What is off-chain in Blockchain?

The Off-chain transactions are from the Blockchain process. But, internally the off-chain transactions or funds are maintaining their Blockchain process. Some

examples of off-chain technology

. Payment system

. Crypto exchange

. Crypto wallet

. Mobile banking.

"SHREE" is The leading Information Technology. This main purpose is for trading and maintaining cryptocurrency. Our cryptocurrency is "SHREE". This shree coin is

now available in Koinbazar, Vindax, and in the shree wallet.

"SHREE" is the Easy and Stress-free investment

Grab your SHREE coin now

Be a part of




About the Author

SHREE is the Best Cryptocurrency platform for Currency Exchange, Trade Union, Investing Services, Cash Advance Services, Investing on Coins and Tokens Platform, and more. SHREE is The'Blockchain Based Bank'.

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