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Few Ways to Create a Stress-Free Workplace Environment

Author: Calvin Candie
by Calvin Candie
Posted: Sep 02, 2022

I am sure most of you have heard of this famous proverb "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". It’s obvious that if you turn into a workaholic, all your energy is spent on just one thing instead of balancing it between working and other activities. Therefore, it’s quite essential we add some fun and recreation midway to keep ourselves charged and vibrant.

I had the fortune of being part of a boat hire party on Sydney Harbour for the very first time all thanks to my workplace. I know of many workplaces that don’t throw office parties at all for their workforce. It’s sad when you expect your personnel to merely work for you without expecting an ounce of appreciation in return. On that note, being a person who has been working in a healthy work atmosphere, here are a few ways your office can create a stress-free environment:-

By throwing an office party!

Ok, I took this for starters just to begin with my wonderful Christmas party experience on a catamaran boat hire in Sydney. I can’t express how stress-free and happy my peers and I were, while cruising on the calm harbour waters. The moments we shared were merry and unforgettable, set against the stunning harbour views along with delicious food. Get a party spot with a perfect ambience just like that. It makes all the difference. The main aspect is to chill and see the not-so-worked up side of your co-workers.

Encourage Workplace Wellness

Go for a walk during lunch breaks, do mental and physical exercise, carry healthy munchies, add a plant or two to the surroundings, keep a bottle to keep yourself hydrated, update the colour scheme of your office, embellish your desk with something inspiring and refresh your senses to the aroma of a scented candle or diffuser with some fragrant essential oils. Encouraging workplace wellness not only keeps the work personnel healthy, it also helps in maintaining a healthy ambience in the office.

Get Socially Active

Co-workers should make a point to spend some time together. Socialising is an incredible stress-buster. Getting acquainted with each other is always good on the workfront. So, keep away your smartphone and engage with your peers. Won’t it be fun to plan an occasional trip together on the weekends? Even the workplace can take on that responsibility to motivate the employees to be socially active.

Organise a Counselling workshop

Stress directly affects your mind and it’s always good to take an expert opinion. Not every company looks out for the mental wellbeing of their employees, albeit the growth of the company is directly linked to the same. If you feel one of your colleagues haven’t been doing good, it would be best to bring counsellors or psychologists to the picture here. Workplaces can organise counselling workshops to help their employees learn of ways to de-stress themselves while at work.

Appreciate the workforce efforts

If employees are appreciated for their efforts, they will be motivated to be more efficient in the workplace. Every small achievement goes a long way and deserves to be praised. It will only boost the positivity and engagement around the office. Out of all, this is the most important aspect of creating a stress-free workplace environment.

All the ways are from my first-hand experience in my workplace. So, it’s a guarantee that if the same are practised in yours, the stress level at your office will be reduced to a certain extent. As a person, stay positive, don’t strive for perfectionism and keep a professional and personal work balance.

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