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Steps To Get Rid of Ants In Your Home

Author: Bill Morris
by Bill Morris
Posted: Dec 03, 2022
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Ants can be a great nuisance inside your house and getting rid of ants can prove to be a real challenging task if there are several varieties invading your place. It is sometimes tricky enough to get to the actual nest of the ants, but if you persist in searching for their trail then this may lead to either some discreet corner of your garden or crevices in the footpath outside your compound. Ants are in fact notorious in making steady exploration of food that may lie anywhere and a whole colony of them march towards it.

Although there are chemical ant repellents available in the market these need to be used with extreme caution so that you don’t contaminate your food. Chemicals supplied in the open market are as harmful as the farm pesticides and this is especially so when there are little children around.

You may hire one of those professional Pest Control Brisbane companies and they may do a neat job for which they charge you too. If your home is small this may not be quite economical either. Hence for getting rid of ants, you may resort to a better technique and that is the natural and environmentally friendly way.

Easy ways to control ants One of the best ways for getting rid of ants from your home is to make use of baby talcum powder. Not only are they safe and scented they give a feeling of kids around. Unfortunately, for ants, this can be really irritating. Spray it in the area where these creatures have congregated or where the trail begins and you will see them scattering away instantly to disappear from the scene.

If you don’t have children and have no baby powder then you may use cinnamon and all you need to do is to identify the area where they are marching and quickly put it there and see them backing off hastily. You may otherwise use vinegar which is available in most houses. Spray it around in areas where ants have become a nuisance and then let it dry. You will be amazed at the way the ants have stopped coming into those areas.

There is yet another wonderful thing which is part of our food and that is black pepper. All you need to do is to sprinkle it around the areas where the ant holes are and in regions where they frequently march in and just see the difference. You will not perhaps need another repellent for getting rid of ants from your house.

Other options

There are other ways of getting rid of ants from entering your house and this may be by pouring hot water into the anthills in your garden. You may otherwise spray repellents around the whole perimeter of your house. But the best is to keep your own home neat and tidy and you should do this with soap and bleach. When getting rid of ants make sure that you shampoo your carpets frequently and keep food in airtight containers. You can check our blog How to Find An Ant Infestation In A House.

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