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Learn the letters, Learn to Read Hebrew

Author: Diana Yacobi
by Diana Yacobi
Posted: Jan 06, 2015

Read Hebrew Now was build backwards from Bar/Bat Mitzvah to address Hebrew reading difficulties students continue to have especially in the middle school grades. In addition, the consistent approach used from book-to-book and year-to-year makes it easy for students and teachers to keep the learning going even after long school breaks.

First, Learn the Hebrew Letters

The Aleph Bet Story Curriculum helps the learner see the special features of Hebrew letters. ‘Corners, curves, toes and tails’, make it easy to distinguish similar looking letters. Students can begin to work with The Aleph Bet Story and online audio tracks, or free app in pre-school or Kindergarten.

The approach, consisting of a whimsical story, colorful picture and trigger question for each letter, is also helpful to older students who are learning or confusing the letters. The comment is always, ‘Oh, I didn’t see that!’

Online Audio Support and Free App

The Aleph Bet Story is available as a full color book or free app for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes Store. The whimsy and colorful pictures also make it The Aleph Bet Story a favorite with adults. Finally, Hebrew isn’t so scary! Co-author, Lily Yacobi’s online reading of the story adds to the fun.

Second, Learn to Read Hebrew

There are two options for learning to Read Hebrew . Both learn-to-read options teach the letters, vowels and reading skills in the same order and in the same way.

a) The Three-Book Sarah, David and YOU Read Hebrew curriculum teaches Hebrew reading and script writing. Students can already use Book One as a reading and writing primer in the first grade.

b) The Read Hebrew Primer teaches Hebrew reading only. The Read Hebrew Primer is recommended for third grade and up, and for adult learners. Add material from the Three Book Set to the Primer to enrich lessons with additional Hebrew reading activities.

c) Teachers should keep The Aleph Bet Story nearby. It continues to be important for introducing the letters and helping students distinguish similar looking letters.

Students can use the Three-Book program already in second grade. Second grade students generally finish Books One and Two during second grade and complete Book Three in the fall of third grade. Third graders can complete the three books or the Read Hebrew Primer in one year or complete in the fall of the fourth grade to ensure that all the Hebrew letters and reading skills have been covered. In some schools, students move through the books at their own pace.

Third, Celebrate Hebrew Reading Accomplishments

Students love to finish reading a book. Completing a book becomes an occasion for celebrating! Teachers can print out a Completion Certificate for each of the three books or the Primer, from the website and celebrate with a special snack.

Fourth, Reinforce and Test Reading Skills

The Skill and Drill Book prepares students to move smoothly from the primer level to reading the Bible, prayers, or modern Hebrew. Skills learned in The Read Hebrew Program, are tested and practiced in the Skill and Drill Book. Students are challenged with a more modern Hebrew font. The goal is to build Hebrew reading accuracy and fluency. This book can be used as a refresher in September, for Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, for adult learners, or as a source of diagnostic and testing material.

Audio Support

Read Hebrew Now gives beginners of any age the tools to learn to read Hebrew and have fun along the way!!

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