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Mastering Scrcpy With Keyboard Shortcuts

Author: Screenmirror Devices
by Screenmirror Devices
Posted: Apr 13, 2024
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Are you a Scrcpy screen mirroring user but find yourself unsure about its keyboard shortcuts? Fear not, this article comes with the information on keyboard shortcuts. Just scroll down the article and get yourself cleared.

A variety of keyboard shortcuts provided by SCRCPY significantly improve productivity and user experience.

The shortcut is one of the most effective tools for boosting output and optimizing workflow. They spare you from having to go through numerous menus or user interfaces by enabling you to access frequently used commands or functions rapidly.

If you are looking to download Scrcpy for another operating system, then you can visit the Scrcpy official website and download it.

Gaining proficiency with these shortcuts will improve your SCRCPY experience, regardless of your level of expertise. This will help you to optimize your workflow.

In this article, we will look at the primary SCRCPY keyboard shortcuts and show you how they increase efficiency.

Overview of Scrcpy

Before we get started, let's take a quick look at SCRCPY.

With the help of the flexible open-source SCRCPY utility, users can easily mirror and control Android devices from their computers.

With the ease of your desktop or laptop, Genymobile's SCRCPY provides a lightweight and effective solution for a variety of applications, including app testing, presentations, gaming, and even regular phone usage.

Mastering SCRCPY Keyboard Shortcuts

When utilizing SCRCPY, keyboard shortcuts are essential for optimizing productivity and efficiency. Let's examine the key shortcuts that can improve your use of this potent instrument:

1 - Starting SCRCPY:

Prior to delving into shortcuts, make sure your Android smartphone is connected to your computer in USB debugging mode and start SCRCPY using the graphical user interface or the command line.

2 - Basic Navigation Shortcuts:

  • Switch between Portrait and Landscape Mode: `Ctrl`+`←` or `→` arrow keys.
  • Zoom In/Out: `Ctrl` + `+` or `-`.
  • Zoom In/Out: `Ctrl` + `+` or `-`.
  • 3 - Interacting with the Device:

  • Click: `Ctrl` + Left Click.
  • Right Click: `Ctrl` + Right Click.
  • Scroll: `Ctrl` + Scroll Wheel.
  • Long Click: `Ctrl` + Left Click (Hold).
  • 4 - Text Input Shortcuts:

  • Toggle Text Input: `Ctrl` +` n`
  • Send Text Input: `Enter` (while in text input mode).
  • .5 - Recording and Screen Capture:
  • Start Recording: `Ctrl` + `r`.
  • Stop Recording: `Ctrl` + `s`.
  • Take a screenshot: `Ctrl` + `c`.
  • 6. Advanced Shortcuts:

  • Rotate Device Screen: `Ctrl` + `r`.
  • Resize Window: `Ctrl` + `f`.
  • Fullscreen Mode: `Ctrl` + `f`.
  • 7. Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

  • Toggle Fullscreen Mode: `Ctrl` + `f`.
  • Close SCRCPY: `Ctrl` + `q`.
  • Show/Hide FPS Counter: `Ctrl` + `i'.
  • Show/Hide Controls: `Ctrl` + `x`.
  • 8 - Customizing Shortcuts:

    With SCRCPY, users can personalize keyboard shortcuts to suit their needs. It is possible to customize the shortcuts to fit specific processes using the configuration file or command line parameters.


    You may use SCRCPY with much more productivity and efficiency if you know these keyboard shortcuts.

    These keyboard shortcuts will improve your workflow and experience whether you're taking screenshots, interacting with the Device, or switching between orientations.

    If you find this article helpful, then share with it your friends and family, Start enjoying your small-screen content on a big screen.

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