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Tips for the First Time Crowdfunding Investor

Author: John Hafner
by John Hafner
Posted: Apr 07, 2015

Pooled funding for large real estate deals

In modern times, the age old concept of pooling funds together to finance properties has been revolutionised into a global phenomenon that allows individuals to compete with large insitutions for high return real estate investments.

First timers at crowdfunding for real estate need to be informed on the basics of making money on pooled funding and how to avoid default risks.

It is critical that you ensure that a preferred choice of crowd funding firm is legitimate and that it will survive the entire investment period when your funds will be tied on a piece of property.

Since crowd funding does not offer quick liquidity of funds, you may lose your money on a firm that is dissolved before an investment is mature.

Limit your financial risks by signing up to a crowdfunding platform that has a fairly substantial number of stable, credible investors.

What kind of property are you investing in?

The benefit that Arizona hard money lenders enjoy when working with crowdfunding firms is transparency on all properties for investment.

As a first time investor, you will be better off if you understand information on exactly why a borrower is seeking funds. Borrowers can get real estate crowd funds for property purchase, upgrades and renovations and in some cases for entire construction projects.

When you are informed on the specifics of each real estate project, you will be able to assess the risks and opportunities that your invested funds will face.

Ask questions

When you become a member of a specific real estate crowd funding firm you should have liberty to be informed on all matters relating to your investment.

If the online bulleting boards on a crowd funding website do not offer adequate information on your property, you must seek further clarification that is rightly owed to you.

Also, do not hesitate to ask questions about the archectural approvals on building designs, the financial analysis, compliance with building codes, and legal processing among other important elements that will influence the stability and revenue generating potential of each property.

Invest wisely

The high returns of crowd funding for real estate can easily excite you into making wrong investments.

Despite the potential returns on a property, you should never invest more than you are willing to lose on a deal.

This type of investment works like any other and just as you may make a lot of money; you could lose it all on a bad investment.

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Author: John Hafner

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