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Cost effective PBX system, ensuring better enterprise communication

Author: Ted Mark
by Ted Mark
Posted: Jun 11, 2015

Private Branch Exchange or a PBX system is a cost effective and efficient alternative to offering a separate external calling line to every user in an enterprise. With the help of a PBX the users can share a few external lines to make calls outside the organization. In case they want to communicate within themselves they need to dial a three or four digit number and make internal calls. These days, it is not uncommon to see an enterprise use the private branch exchange system to reduce communication costs both within and outside the organization.

There are variations of this technology. You can get VoIP-based systems and also centrex systems. In the former an IP is used to connect the lines. In the latter the entire communication system is controlled at a local telephone office and not inside the enterprise. VoIP-based PBX system is extremely common in small- and medium-sized enterprises as they are very cost effective. Your usual data network will be able to support the calls and making long distance calls will not cost heavenly anymore. Businesses run on a very tight budget nowadays and they try to reduce internal costs as much as possible. In such a situation a PBX might just be what an enterprise needs.

You can get analogue, digital or VoIP-based PBX system according to your organizational requirement. Connection and service providers offer various packages based on the number of extensions that your company might require. You can also get hosted services wherein the responsibility of managing the PBX will be upon a third party and you will not be required to hire an extra hand to do so. After all, this is an extremely specialized job and getting professional help from a service provider is much more feasible than hiring a regular staff.

You can use different PBX system based on whether your enterprise falls within the small, medium or large size category. For instance, packages for small enterprises may offer twenty four to one hundred and forty extensions, for medium enterprises it may range from one hundred to one hundred and forty extensions and for large enterprises the numbers may range from six hundred to twenty four hundred extensions. In all the three categories there are options to take pure VoIP connections for greater flexibility. These PBX packages are available at competitive prices so that the business owners can purchase them without worrying about the exceeding their budget for building a communication infrastructure.

Every step that we take towards adopting an advanced technology takes us closer to the future of it. Communication is moving towards simplicity, ease of use and cost effectiveness and it is in alignment with this trend that enterprises are leaning more and more towards a PBX system, especially digital and IP-based ones so that they can remain flexible to the changes. PBX assures effective internal and external communication without the worry of overspending looming over their shoulders. Connecting and switching calls was never this easy and cost effective. If you haven’t introduced your enterprise to this communication system yet, then you must do it at the earliest and start enjoying the benefits of private branch exchange.


( ) may include a PBX system ( ) of analogue, digital, hosted and VoIP categories.

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