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What is IP PBX? Complete guide to VOIP Servers and IP PBX Systems

Author: Vinaykumar Gattadi
by Vinaykumar Gattadi
Posted: Mar 05, 2020
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IP acronym is Internet Protocol and PBX acronym is Private Branch Exchange. IP PBX system acts as a central switching system. An Ip Pbx is a system that can route and switch calls between the telephone network and VOIP users. This system can route many calls at the same time. Its planning allows the user to share limited resources.

A traditional PBX consists of two main elements they are lines and stations. The main aim of PBX is to provide shared access to limited resources. Instead of having a separate phone line for each phone an organization can share a small pool of lines across a much larger pool of stations. If a call comes first it connects to the operator then the operator connects it with a related person or department. This early system was simply called switchboards.

Operators were replaced with electromechanical and later electronic systems for manage access to lines. Some of the features added that can route calls between stations and to connect or disconnect the calls based on rules.

Now a day, a business phone system has more features upon the simple switch. Adjunct technologies like automated attendance, voice messaging, call queuing, multi-part conferences are the standard features. Analog and digital phones are giving way to standards-based IP phones.

When PBXs were developed wireline calls are the way of electronic communications available. Today communication can be done in different types including email, instant messaging, video conferencing, desktop sharing, SMS and mobile telephony. Unified communication is a process of merging all of these technologies and applying them with the business process. Hence unified communications are to increase efficiency while simplifying management.

Traditional IPPBX System

In the earlier days, PBX is of a switchboard operator. A lady sitting in front of a big circuit board transfers the calls by plugging wires into different sockets.

The first switchboard was invented in the late 1800s after the telephone itself was invented. In the earlier days, each person in an office had a phone line. The operator lifts the call and forwards the call to your line.

In the 1970’s call switching was automated. No need a lady to connect the calls it’s totally automated. Hence business became more efficient. More organizations showed interest to buy business telephone systems. Technology got better. In the 1990’s automated phone, systems are used by the maximum companies. At this time industries started using the word "PBX".

Today PBX systems have been used most of the business. When we call to any business always had to press 1 to speak to a representative or press 2 for our address? Yes. That’s a PBX. Now a day there are many IP PBX system suppliers, IP PBX service provider, and IP PBX System Distributors are there.

Standard IPPBX Features

Internal connecting calls

External connecting calls

Switching calls between users

Calls stay connected without hang-up

Ending calls when the user's hang-up

Call Recording

Keeping track of data related to calls

Automatic call distribution

Call answering in an automated process

Call queue

Customize Call hold music or include messages

Voice messaging

Transfer calls

Traditional PBX vs. IP PBX

An IP PBX improved by PBX that helps the VOIP system.

Traditional IPPBX systems are of hardware. IP PBX systems are of software. IP PBX system works with packet-switched networks. IP PBX system can handle voice calls, data, video calls, and can link up with applications like outlook

IP PBX has two benefits:

We can arrange a backup IP PBX server; if any problem exists it will switch to another service to maintain the flow of business.

Virtual PBX can be run on the same servers as other business in virtualized data centers for better ROI.

VOIP is a technology that users can make a call using internet protocol instead of the traditional phone line.

Unified Communications

The IP PBX makes unified communications. Unified communications are used to communicate within organizations. This includes voice calls, video calls, SMS and chat, data sharing, extension mobility.

Unified communications allow users to communicate on different mediums within the same network.

IP PBX Working Process

For each user VOIP assigned a unique identifier. This identifier is an email address that is the user's SIP address. IP PBX keeps a list of all users and SIP addresses.

When you make a call on the VOIP phone, the IP PBX decides it’s internal or external call.

If it is an internal call, the PBX sends your call to the SIP address of the person you dialed. Both of you are using VOIP, your call stays on the network and cannot access outside phone line.

If it is an external call, PBX sends your call to the VOIP service provider and then sent on an external phone line. It’s allowing users to get together on conference calls and it allows sending voice mails to emails. There are some important points of IP PBX they are Maintenance is simple just plug a VOIP phone and can use it. By using a VOIP PBX scale your business fast and reliable. Using IP PBX we can save money.

Types of IP PBX

There are two types of IP PBX are there they are On-Premise PBX and Hosted/Cloud PBX.

On-Premise PBX

High Setup cost

Minimal recurring cost

Maintenance is done at your site by IT Professionals

Day today involvement with your IT team

When there is no power can cause complete loss of phone service

Only one location no remote workers

Requires in advance capital to get started

Business requires space for equipment

Hosted/Cloud PBX

Low Setup cost

Low recurring subscription costs

Maintained by the service provider at their data center

No involvement with your IT team

When there is no power calls can be re-routed by the service provider

Multiple location or remote workers

Requires little to no capital to get started

Equipment is not stored on-site


Hosted PBX is a great option for smaller companies that do not have the infrastructure but want to manage their communication. You can host your 3CX PBX in your own cloud an account such as Google, Amazon, and Azure.

On-Premise PBXs are mostly suited for large organizations that should have a nice infrastructure and resources to run and manage the phone system and in different zones that require security and confidentiality.

The on-premise system gives more benefits to the organizations rather than cloud solutions.

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