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What Is A Cloud Telephony

Author: Eugene Alcide
by Eugene Alcide
Posted: Sep 20, 2018

B4BC Cloud PBX Service Is Simple

  • There’s no need for extensive training. Our cloud PBX can be managed by any member of staff, technical or not and without any IT experience.
  • The B4BC cloud PBX can be managed from any device, so long as it has an internet connection.
  • B4BC cloud PBX does not require expensive maintenance, in fact, it is fully maintained for free.
  • B4BC cloud PBX negates the needs for any major equipment costs.
  • Cloud PBX systems are very easy to set up, system management is also very simple.
  • There is no need for expensive updates, with our cloud PBX systems, the software is continually and automatically upgraded.
  • Get rid of the box! No need to buy or lease, get rid of maintenance fees, with the B4BC cloud PBX, everything is included.
  • Save on internal calls and site to site calls, with a cloud PBX, your business negates the need to spend capital on calls between sites and internal calls.
  • With a cloud PBX, you can centralise all of your employees under one phone system, whether you are on the road, your staff share the same cloud PBX features and stay connected.
  • With a cloud PBX, you can grow at your own pace, get as many or as little extensions as you need.

How Does Cloud PBX Work?

A cloud PBX will work by connecting to your internet protocol, the cloud PBX uses the internet to route calls, the internet connection is very key for the cloud PBX. You can access your cloud PBX with an account from any device, this could be a: desktop, phone, mobile device, or mobile application, anything that run the Cloud PBX’s interface. This allows you to access the cloud PBX from any Internet-enabled device simply by logging in with a password in order to access the interface. The devices communicate with each other through something called middleware, this is a software that allows your cloud PBX to have many means of access.

Cloud PBX can give you improved mobility and freedom when using your office phones/ mobile devices. IF you are frequently out of the office, you are able to stay connected through your cloud PBX.

Your cloud PBX service provider will manage all of the data that you want your cloud PBX to manage. It is important to source the best cloud PBX provider, with a provider who is recognised within the industry for providing the best cloud service. B4BC is an award-winning provider, (best cloud solution finalist) for 2016, 2017 & 2018.

Hosted/ Cloud PBX

What is a cloud PBX system? Cloud PBX is based on Cloud telephony technology, the cloud PBX stores and transfers data via the Internet connection, instead of using traditional PBX hardware. The Cloud PBX has been around for many years now and is now considered the go-to option as the ISDN switch off looms closer, cloud PBX is becoming popular due to ease of development, feature-rich solutions and cost-effectiveness.

PBX? Cloud PBX?

The PBX, also known as the public branch exchange, this tends to be hardware that is usually stored on site. These systems can usually be very costly for businesses, as they can require special storage facilities, regular repairs and maintenance.

Hosted IP PBX/ Cloud PBX moves the function of the on-site PBX hardware into the cloud. Whereas the PBX connects phones to on-site phone lines, Cloud PBX connects your phones via the IP and then connects to secure data centres. All calls across the Cloud PBX can are run through the IP/ internet protocol. With a cloud PBX, you get all the features of an on-premise PBX but so much more, cloud PBX systems tend to work seamlessly and with clear voice clarity.

Why Choose The B4BC Hosted/ Cloud PBX

It’s flexible, our cloud PBX simplifies the cloud telephone system, making it easy to scale up or down at any time, add multiple locations, and manage/ make changes remotely, with all-inclusive mobile applications.

With the B4BC cloud PBX, you eliminate the need for expensive, onsite equipment along with the pain points that come along with maintaining it on site.

With the B4BC cloud PBX, you can remove the single point of failure from your telephone system, since each device connects separately to B4BC servers. In the event that a power outage, weather storm, or any other major disaster takes place, your employees will still be able to carry on with their day to day telephony tasks, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Cloud PBX Benefits

  • Business Continuity

With the cloud PBX allow businesses to incorporate continuity options, in the case of disastrous events such as fires or floods, your call data and information is stored safely, not to mention, your phones are hosted outside of the premises, meaning you will still have functioning phones. Calls incoming to the business can be transferred to an alternative number, for example you might have business mobiles, again providing you with a complete business continuity option in the event that problems occur.

  • Remote & Flexible Work Opportunities

The concept of remote working is an ever growing factor however, employees do still need to remain contactable and connected to the organisation. Cloud PBX systems allow employees to be allocated a virtual phone number for example, calls will be forwarded to the employee’s phone and they’ll appear as they are sitting in the office.

  • Scalability Benefits

Businesses naturally grow and shrink as the years go by, cloud PBX systems function on a per seat basis. You can speedily add or remove new people to the cloud PBX as when. Meaning your telephony can scale up or down as your business sees fit.

  • Capital Saving

When it comes to internal calls (peer to peer) they can be very costly, however, what can be more detrimental to a business is ineffective communication systems. Cloud PBX systems negate the need for paying for internal calls. This means whether you are in the same building or a different office, you are able to call your peer at no cost.

  • Great Audio Quality
Cloud PBX systems will use up much more bandwidth compared to a traditional telephone system, but cloud PBX delivers better audio quality, known as HD telephony. Cloud PBX gives your business HD sound quality.
  • Easy To Upgrade

There is no need to pay anyone to upgrade your telephone system when you have a cloud PBX. Upgrades are taken place within the cloud and are free. Your business does not need to worry about upgrading telephony.

  • Conferencing Options

Cloud PBX can use collaborative features, allowing your business to hold conferences with clients or internal staff without having them in the same room. Of course, this can negate the need in some cases to travel to other premises for meetings, which can help improve productivity and save costs in the long run.

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