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Enhance the taste of food with truffle salt and French salt

Author: Juanita Olive
by Juanita Olive
Posted: Jun 25, 2015

Anyone who loves eating will never contest the fact that the Italians and the French are the best cooks in the world. In both these countries, preparing food is an art. Give the most ordinary ingredients to an Italian or a French chef and they will make something great out of it. They somehow manage to add some special ingredients to their cooking and come up with masterpiece culinary items. Now you can also add that touch of Italian or French to your food by adding a couple of special ingredients. These special ingredients are truffle salt and French salt.

Black truffle salt is ideal for a variety of entrée dishes. It is considered as one of the most delectable items in the world of cuisine. It has rich flavors that make food items special. The earthy and salty flavors in truffle salt are perfectly balanced and any food item that you cook up using this salt is bound to keep a lasting impression on everyone who samples the food.

To make the best use of black truffle salt, ensure you use it as a finishing salt for a variety of dishes. These dishes could include meat entrees, egg and potato dishes and pasta. This salt is not really used during the actual cooking process because the heat can take away the taste and the beneficial properties of this salt. It looks nice - more or less white in color with black truffles in between. It is a natural sea salt with natural flavors, flavors that can make others feel as if you are an esteemed Italian chef.

The grey French salt is one of the most favored culinary ingredients that is used by the top French chefs. This salt is procured from the Guerande Marshes, where it accumulates when the high tide of the sea subsides. The procurement of the grey French salt is an expert process and is done by hand. It takes time and effort to collect this salt and this is one of the reasons why it has that exotic touch attached to it.

The grey French salt is also used in a variety of dishes including chowders, seafood, shellfish dishes, sauces, pastas and a wide array of meat items. It has a mild taste and is ideal for seasoning purposes. There are many soups that have this salt added on top to make them amazingly tastier. This light grey colored salt is available in the form of coarse grains or fine grains and you can take your pick.

Both the truffle salt and the French salt are available in select stores. Because these are exotic items, you may not find them in all the supermarkets. The easiest way to procure these salts is to purchase online. You can find out about the best known sellers of these salts and buy directly from them. Both these salts will get you started on your journey to become a super chef and you will have your guests eating out of your hands.

Become an Italian or a French master chef by adding truffle salt ( ) and French salt ( ) to your food.

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Author: Juanita Olive

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