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Stress management – a key to happy life

Author: Hidn Technology
by Hidn Technology
Posted: Aug 12, 2015

Stress is a natural part of life; if affects everyone, from the busy mother to the CEO of a multinational company. Although we cannot control and rid our lives of all stress, there are ways to effectively manage and deal with the stress we experience on a daily basis. This is where stress management plays a major role. Stress management is not only a compelling need in today’s fast paced life, but a crucial factor in both physical and mental health. It is a psychological approach which teaches people, skills to cope up with anxiety and stress.

There are many ways to deal with stress and it is important that you learn good stress management techniques if you have a lot of ongoing stress in your life. Stress is unique to individuals. Some people handle what would be considered stressful situations in a way that does not cause them to feel stressed while other people feel stressed under circumstances that most people would consider stressful. The most important thing is for you to recognize what is stressful for you and learn to handle it accordingly. The following are some of stress management tools:

1. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night can be stress relieving. Being well rested helps your mind to be clear and calm.

  1. Meditation can help you a great deal in dealing with stress.
  2. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. Well, it is true. Find reasons to laugh and people who make you laugh. Try to laugh about things that cause stress and look at them in a more light hearted fashion.
  3. Exercise reduces stress hormones and increases feel good mind health.

5.You can do deep breathing any moment and it will almost instantly calm your brain.

You generally obtain stress at two places – at your office or home. Stress at one place reflects the quality of life on the other place. Mind it, no one can provide you with complete stress relief. To cope up with stress, firstly you need to understand what is stress or what is causing you stress. Stress is caused when you are thinking too much about a particular thing or situation. You can be worrying over a matter, over which, actually you should not worry at all. Therefore, try to change your outlook. Redirect your thought process away from the situation that has stressed you the most. When you change the thought process, action is also changed. Take it towards a diversified subject. Do not engage yourself into any serious topics or discussions. As for office, work with a relaxed approach. Know your limitations. You can work beyond your capacity for a day or two, but not on all days.

There are many stress management apps available in Google play store which can help you cope up with stress on your own. Each day is an opportunity to live life. Correct thinking is a key to stress management. Nothing can beat it.

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