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Ketan Parmar

Member since: Nov 19, 2019
Published articles: 9

Checklist: when Creating Content Strategies for Your Business for First Time

You know the importance of content in the online marketing world. But, from making quality content to drive the ultimate result through it, are based on the multiple factors that define that Will we...

Articles > Writing > Copywriting Aug 20, 2020
Content Marketing, a Creative Advertising Approach

Content marketing is the widely used concept of marketing not only because it takes less financial investments than the traditional ones. But also because it’s highly effective and measurable than TV...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Marketing Tips Nov 22, 2019
Creating Blog Structure That Are Compelling and Easy to Read

Blog writing is high in demand skill that every digital marketing and content creator must-have. To present the idea well and to make it more effective a marketer also have to understand the blog...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Marketing Tips Dec 01, 2019
Doing the Guest Posting, Right Way

Guest posting is a legit way of link building that most websites use for many purposes. Some use it for earning a high-quality link, while some aim to acquire their business name out there and promote...

Articles > Writing > Article Marketing Dec 14, 2019
Effective Ways of Writing Business Articles

Contents are the base of digital marketing, no matter which platform companies use for promoting their products as well services. Same as Blogs and social media posts, Articles are also used by the...

Articles > Writing > Article Marketing Nov 26, 2019
Elements to Look for While Strategizing Content Marketing

In the digital marketing environment, every company needs to be present on an online platform. But having the right content on hand to educate and then engage with companies’ products can change the...

Articles > Writing > Article Marketing Mar 14, 2020
Reasons: Website Content Adding Values to Your Online Assets(Business Website)

A Website is your online assets, whether it your company website or even a personal blog. This is an asset that brings you a good return sooner or later. That ROI may be a high sales if you have a...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Online Promotion Dec 09, 2019
Simple Tips to Craft Profitable Content Creation Plans

Website theme, Done, Blog setup, Done. You’ve completed the first phase of blogging for your brand or professional services, but the real work begins now. Exactly, content creation is the base of the...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Marketing Tips Sep 18, 2020
Things to Consider While Writing a Social Media Content

Content marketing is the most powerful way to reach your potential customers. As having a different platforms are there, content also created for such audience type as well. There is no content fits...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Social Marketing Dec 09, 2019

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Ketan Parmar is a marketing enthusiast, content strategist, and creator of Wordzyx, a content marketing agency. Providing Content services including Blogs, articles, website content, social media post creation, keyword research and custom content re