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Daniel Marshall

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A Brief Introduction About Bonded Polyester Thread

Whether you belong to the textile industry or not, you must surely be aware of the importance of clothing. It is actually the role of fabric that takes place in many events to fulfill the...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing May 04, 2015
A Brief Introduction to Army Duck Canvas

Cotton, Linen, Jute, Wool, Silk, Velvet, Lurex, Organza, Nylon, Flax etc. are actually some types of fabric which are widely used these days. These fabrics can be used to manufactures not only...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Jan 10, 2015
A Brief Introduction to Theatrical Fabrics

If you heard a word "fabric" then the first thing that the most of the people think is the clothes and outfits. No doubt that they are right but some people may fail to realize that the fabric can be...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Sep 05, 2014
An Introduction About the Filter Cloths

Filter cloths is a very common term as it is similar to the air filters which we have in our homes. We use air filters in the homes whereas, filter cloths are used in the factories while making or...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Aug 30, 2014
Canvas Cloth: the Essential Utility Fabric

Canvas is a very heavy duty plain-woven cloth used for making tents, tipis, sails, marquees, backpacks, and other items for which durability is highly needed. It is also commonly used by artists as a...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Apr 02, 2015
Cotton Duck Canvas- Numbered Ducks Vs. Single Fill

Let’s start by clarifying one thing, cotton duck and cotton canvas are one of the same things. Cotton duck is a term related to the industry and cotton canvas is more of a consumer term.Numbered Ducks...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Apr 04, 2015
Cotton Duck Canvas: Here is Everything That You Should Know About It!

Cotton duck (from the Dutch word doek, that means linen cloth) or duck canvas is a heavy plain-woven cotton fabric. Despite its name, this fabric bears no connection to any birds! They are one of the...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Aug 11, 2015
Cotton: Its Features, Types and Their Uses

Cotton is a very versatile fabric. Initially obtained from the cotton plant and processed to make fiber, yarn and cloth on handlooms and machines, it offers a wide range of uses and applications in a...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Jan 30, 2015
Duck Cloth: a Popular Choice for Apparels and Home Décor Items

Cotton duck is one of the most versatile fabrics known to mankind. This also makes it a popular work wear fabric. Going by its name, it has nothing to do with the water fowl. It gets its name from the...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Mar 17, 2015
Introduction, Properties and Uses of Woven Fabrics

Due to the introduction of many fabrics, textile industry has become one of the industries that are expanding these days. As a result, not only apparels but also, many other things such as furniture...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Dec 04, 2014
Know More About Cotton and Army Duck Canvas Fabric

Out of the many fabrics that we use in our day to day life, the cotton fabric is the most popular to use. This is due to the great versatility options that it offers. The cotton fabric is basically a...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Dec 27, 2014
Knowledgeable Information About Common Cotton Fabric

Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics in the world. It finds its application in a number of products. These can range from house hold products, childcare items to various industry related...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Mar 10, 2015
Polyester Fabric and Its Various Properties

There exist a wide variety of fabrics. Some of them are manmade, others are natural. Some fabrics are processed on machines in order to be able to be used, and others are used in their raw form. These...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Nov 05, 2014
Some Basic of Fabrics in the Textile Industry

Textile industry is one of the industries that cannot be neglected thus, it is booming these days. Moreover, many different types of fabrics are being introduced in order to fulfill the needs of...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Dec 13, 2014
Some Types of Fabric to Choose the Best from!!!

Being one of the fast evolving industries, textile industry offers a wide range of fabrics these days. However, some of the people still find it hard to get the best fabric as they do not know much...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Dec 31, 2014
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There was a need to have a lighter fabric which possesses all the qualities and can be durable. An army duck canvas fabric is a good example of it which used in army specifications.